Did You Know

Did You Know

Here’s what home owners need to know.


1) Window film can cut utility costs by 30% to 40%, and at $6 to $15per square foot, it’s much cheaper than replacing windows.

2)Solar films block 99% of UV light that causes interior furnishes, carpets, wall papers, furniture fade-off and with better technologies, now do it without looking reflective or dark.

3). Good choice of film selection helps to reduce glare from direct sunlight offer comfort to the eyes in reducing fatigue thus increase productivity at works/readings.

4). Films add security/safety protection like; Anti-Burglar – slowing down break-in through windowglass, holding glass shards together minimize injury if the window glass shatters.

5). Application of certain window films which requires a professional installer is recognized by the Building & Construction Authority in upgrading retrofitting can contribute points toward green building certifications

6). Although window film is a retrofit product, High performance Window films can transform normal window into energy efficient low-E, triple-pane unit.

7). Highest quality window film comes with Factory-Backed Warranty which is very vital.


1). Some building warns against application of window film to avoid inconsistent façade look; Especially condominiums.

2). Certain types of window latch and frames make installation difficult and without professional certified application, poor workmanship can leave glass looking bubbly, turns purple (violet).

3). Most homeowners are skeptical of the benefits, making film a hard sell that requires education.The biggest challenge right now is to convey what kind of window film has the quality that it’s claimed, so buyers should look for NFRC certification.