LLumar Metallized Window Tint

Metallized Window Tint Metallized Solar Film Singapore

Metallized Window Tint
Improve your Comfort and Privacy with High-Performance Metallized Window Tint

Metallized window tint offers a variety of charcoal shades combined infused with sun-taming technology. This micro thin layer of advanced technology is composed of color stable dye and powerful adhesive.

Manufactured under the strictest standard, it offers excellent / superior heat rejection, doubles up on UV protection with an extra layer of best-in-class scratch resistance.

Metallized solar film provides the desirable traits of dyed window tint with the added feature of blocking the heat. You can control your inside climate in style.

  • Enhanced style

  • Superior heat rejection

  • More than 99% UV protection

  • Privacy for passengers and belongings

  • Variety of shades from light to dark

  • Scratch resistant coating protects against damage

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