Blast Protection Film

Blast Protection Film

Use Blast Protection Film To Prevent Injuries From Flying Glass

A bomb explosion produces more than 90 percent of injuries sustained that are typically caused by pieces of glass propelled in all directions. Glass is an incredible commodity that helps to bring into a building sunlight beauty. Ironically, glass is also the weakest point in any building. Therefore, the first consideration for any type of security measures is to make sure that all the glass windows in a building will do little, if any harm in the event of outside forces attacking its integrity. This is why the use of blast protection film should be thoroughly examined.

Blast Protection Film Holds It Together

Security windows that are designed with blast protection film will hold the glass together if an explosion occurs. Although there are no guarantees for full protection, use of this security window film will definitely help to reduce injuries caused by flying broken glass. This glass when propelled by the explosion force in effect becomes lethal shrapnel. Using security window protection film, will definitely reduce not only the number of injuries created by flying glass but the intensity of them as well.

Blast Protection Film Minimizes Building Damage

The news seems to report an additional terrorist bombing almost every day somewhere in the world. Therefore, it is exceptionally prudent on the part of any building owner to take the necessary precautions to protect the structure’s windows using high-quality, highly performing security window films. Not only will it help to protect equipment and people inside a building, but will help to maintain building integrity as part of any smart emergency planning scheme.
Blast Protection Film Stops Glass From Being Lethal Projectiles
Shockwaves are produced from any type of high velocity attack. Windows do not necessarily have to be targeted in order to be converted into lethal projectiles. Additionally, after any explosion, the building will be open to the elements and subject to weather damage. The threat of attack can be a very real and a serious possibility that should compel creation of a protection plan.