Privacy Window Film

Privacy Window Film

 A Sheltered Roof Top 220m Stretch Warehousing With Privacy Window Film @ F&N Coca Cola Warehouse

A sheltered warehouse with roof-top stretching over 220m. Glass panels row at internal 20 meter stretch provides natural daylight to ensure consistent brightness but due to long stretch of roof top coverage, ventilation poses a big challenge. Furthermore, undesirable solar heat & harmful UV is unhealthy to the product storage.

LLumar NRMPS2 Silver (Privacy Matte Film) was installed on glass panels. Solar Performance of Total Solar Energy Rejected 79 % and  Ultraviolet Rejected 99% address the challengers of our tropical heat.


Solar heat gain within the sheltered warehouse is very much reduced. Owner at peace of mind as 99% harmful UV is rejected by the solar privacy film. The breeze within the compound is much cooling. No longer warm wind ventilating across the premises

windowcool privacy matte film

Year : 2013
Location : F&N Coca Cola Warehouse
Film : LLumar RMPS2 (Privacy Matte Film)
Color : Silver
Type : Solar Window Film