Multifilm Film Roller Blinds

Glare Protection on computer screens and Pleasant Room Temperatures with Multifilm – Film Roller Blinds

windowcool multifilm film roller blinds

Multifilm – Film Roller Blinds is good protection against dazzle and glare on computer-screens. Metallized film surface is able to keep off up to 88% (dependent on the used glass pane and type of solar film) of the solar radiation of the building. Energy saving, up to 30% saving of cooling energy. Unhindered view into the open.


– Standard roller blinds used for insdustry, trade and administration buildings and for private sector
– Product group with the highest number of variants
– largest variation of several kinds referring operation and film types

Compact Line
– Roller blinds for large buildings
– Small headbox
– Easy and fast installation

– Roller Blind which moves from bottom to top
– Suitable for very large and narrow windows
– Often in reception halls, where the windows start directly over the floor
– use of daylight in offices