LLumar Night Vision DRN Series

LLumar Night Vision DRN 

Night Vision Warm Grey Solar Window Film

LLumar Night Vision DRN Series


The realm of window films encompasses two primary categories: automotive films tailored for vehicles and residential films designed for flat glass applications. In the Singaporean market, approximately 90% of available materials are intended for automotive use, yet a prevalent misapplication occurs, with many establishments erroneously installing these automotive films on residential flat glass surfaces.

Under prolonged exposure to sunlight without movement, most automotive film will exhibit signs of degradation after five years, whereas its residential counterpart will endure for a decade or more before manifesting any deterioration. The adhesive employed in residential films features low tackiness, facilitating moisture-free installation and enabling the effortless expulsion of contaminants from larger panes.

Distinguishing characteristics between automotive and residential films extend to their thermal behavior. Automotive tint functions by absorbing heat, while architectural film is formulated to reflect heat. The application of automotive tint on windows may induce cracking or seal failure due to heat absorption.
Conversely, flat glass tint consistently exhibits reflective properties, mitigating excessive heat absorption that could otherwise compromise the integrity of the glass. Consequently, it is imperative to refrain from applying automotive tint to sun-facing residential windows.

The critical determinant in film performance lies in absorption rates. This underscores the prevalence of dual-reflective (DR) films in architectural applications, as they divert energy away, contrasting with the high absorption rates inherent in darker charcoal automotive films or ceramics. Adhesive attributes further diverge, with a significant proportion of architectural films adopting dry adhesive (DA) formulations. The absence of immediate aggressiveness in DA facilitates uncomplicated handling, rendering the liner easily peelable and enhancing manageability for large glass or film spans.

This rationale underscores the popularity of LLumar Dual Reflective Night Vision, positioned as the best-selling choice endorsed by a majority of architects and condominium managements. The film’s dual reflective properties, adept at deflecting energy, align seamlessly with the discerning needs of architectural applications. This preference is further solidified by its compatibility with the specifications outlined by condominium managements and architects, affirming its standing as a premier choice in the realm of window films.

Window-Cool (S) Pte Ltd, distinguished by ISO, BCA, and Bizsafe certifications, proudly serves as the official distributor for LLumar Window Film, establishing itself as the foremost authority in window treatments within Singapore. Our unwavering dedication to the window shade industry sets us apart, with a commitment to excellence and innovation that elevates our products to a superior quality unmatched by others in the market.

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