Let’s Burn Up the Road While Keeping the Interior Cool with Car Solar Window Films

Let’s Burn Up the Road While Keeping the Interior Cool with Car Solar Window Films

In today’s dynamic world, the amount of time spent in traveling has increased dramatically. As, people use their cars to get to work, visit their relatives or spend leisure time driving. With the major time spent in traveling, it has become essential to take an extra safety measure against intense sun glare & heat. Fortunately, Window-Cool comes up with car solar window films to block the entrance of intrusive sun rays.

In automobiles, windshields are partially treated to reject harmful sun rays, but side and back windows of the car let in about 63% of the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB radiations which cause unsafe glare, put strain on the eyes, ruin interior damage and various skin problems. But, installation of solar window films reject 99% of hazardous ultra-violet (UV) rays, reduce intense heat & glare, improve the efficiency of air conditioning & fuel consumption without compromising visibility. Besides keeping the interior cool and comfortable, window films deter smash & grab act of thieves. Also, it keeps the shattered glass in its place and reduces injuries from flying glass. We at Window-Cool, put forth an extensive range of window tints that varies from top performance dyed films to top-of-the-line all metal films. Our offered car solar window films are widely acclaimed for their unsurpassed quality and scratch-resistant coating. Proper installation of solar window films not only improves the comfort level but also enhance the brand value of your car.

Why install car solar window film?

  • Reject 99% of harmful ultra-violet (UVA and UVB) rays.
  • Increase skin & eye protection.
  • Protect interiors from fading, cracking or discoloration.
  • Prolongs the life of rubber, wood, cellular phone, audio and speaker systems.

Exceptional features of window films:

  • Reduce intense sun glare & heat.
  • Improve occupant comfort.
  • Improve vision and safety.
  • Increase the efficiency of air-conditioning.
  • Reduce glare & eye fatigue for both driver and passengers.
  • 10 years factory-backed warranty.

Increased Safety

  • Provide an extra barrier of protection for increased safety.
  • Increases shatter resistance of glass.
  • Holds shattered glass in its place and provides increased safety.

Since our inception, we are committed to provide an elite range of window films at very competitive prices. We always strive to meet our customers requirements with great honesty and reliability. Explore our wide range of window films at: www.windowcool.com