Building Safety Films: Not Just for Aesthetic Makeover but Savior of Your Life

Building Safety Films: Not Just for Aesthetic Makeover but Savior of Your Life

While many people think that window films are another way to give decorative touch to their home, office or vehicle. But, this highly innovative product offers far more than just an aesthetic makeover. In fact, there are many circumstances where installation of window film can actually save your life.

During Natural Disasters

If you live in a country that is frequently affected by earthquakes, hurricanes or tornadoes then, it is crucial to find an ideal way to protect your home or office from being littered with hazardous shards of flying glass. Window films are made up of heavy-duty polyester film bonded with strong adhesive which makes it ideal for the disaster prone area. Installation of window films hold shattered glass in its place instead of spewing them everywhere.

Prevent the Development of Melanomas

Each day, many of us spend hours in traveling or sitting in front of the large windows. If the necessary precaution is not taken, then constant exposure of intense sun glare on specific parts of the skin can lead to the development of cancerous spots known as melanomas. Tinting windows of your home or vehicle can reduce the exposure of hazardous ultra-violet (UV) rays that cause skin cancer.

Reduce the Risk of Burglaries

It’s not surprising that case of robberies and thefts have risen dramatically in the past few years. Even many robbery cases leads to the death of the home or business owners. Installation of window films on doors and windows prevent burglars from seeing inside the home or office. Also, it strengthens the windows, making difficult for burglars to gain quick access into the premises.

Prevent Accident or Collision by Reducing Intense Sun Glare

Although, there are many reasons of road accidents but more than 50% of accidents occur due to the poor visibility. Reasons for poor visibility includes glare from the sun, vehicle windows, road surfaces and other reflective surfaces. But, installation of window films can eliminate glare up to 97% thus making it easier to see properly while driving.

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