Safety Films: Ensure Protection against Break-Ins, Severe Weather and Vandalism

Safety Films: Ensure Protection against Break-Ins, Severe Weather and Vandalism

Are you in search for an all- in-one solution to protect your family, home and belongings from the perilous UV rays, intense sun glare and flying glass shards? In that case, we at Window Cool can help. Window Cool, a renowned name in solar and safety film industry offers a broad array of safety/security films along with its installation services.

Our LLumar safety films work as an excellent barrier to smash and grab act of thieves who rely on fast access through broken glass of window to get their job done. Also, these films provide protection from costly vandalism by keeping the broken glass shards in place that go flying in air and injure people.

How Do Our Safety Films Work?

Our LLumar safety film is a heavy-duty polyester film that is applied with strong, energy- absorbing special adhesive to the inner side of glass window or door in both automotive and architectural applications. At the time of sudden impact and explosion, these films immensely decrease the chances of glass breakage and when shattering occurs, they firmly hold the splinters in place.

How Our Safety Films Are An All-In-One Solution?

Our safety films promise to ensure protection from the burglary, smash and grab act of thieves. Also, they excel in keeping the ambience of an automobile, residential and commercial space cool, comfortable by blocking the ultraviolet rays from 96 to 99%.

Our professionally installed safety films are virtually invisible and are optically clear. Further, the adhesive used for the installation of these films are distortion-free, thus LLumar film increase the visual acuity by reducing sun glare that puts stress on eyes.

Moreover, our safety films are extremely scratch-resistant and can easily be cleaned with regular household cleaners, cotton cleaning cloths or paper towel. So, you can rely on these films to guard against graffiti.

Our safety films also add to the visual appeal of your building at a fraction of the cost. These can be applied to everything from cars, bathroom mirrors, subway doors, & elevator to building interiors and don’t require extra care or maintenance. This way, our safety film series are an all-in-one solution for ensuring protection against UV rays, break-ins, severe weather and vandalism.