Privacy with Style: Install Our Designer Privacy Film to Keep Prying Eyes at Bay

Privacy with Style: Install Our Designer Privacy Film to Keep Prying Eyes at Bay


Tired of your nosy neighbors who literally poke their nose in your personal sphere through window? Want privacy from these prying eyes? If so, then our Window Cool is the right place to look for. If you have always viewed glass doors and windows as nothing more than an empty expanse to be covered with curtains, drapes or blinds, then it’s time to think again. With new amazing options in custom privacy films, a blank window can become a beautiful design element for your interior.

Benefits of Installing Privacy Window Film:

Deter Smash and Grab Act of Thieves: Our offered window films act as a powerful deterrent to smash-and-grab act of thieves. It creates a strong but almost invisible shield that holds the broken glass in place to deter and delay burglars whose goal is to quickly grab valuables by breaking glass of windows.

Privacy: With the installation of our privacy film, you can get the clear view of outside while hindering the view of prying eyes from outside. Moreover, it can be applied on bathroom, glass door panels, kitchen cabinet, doors, office, or for windows that face the street.

Easy to Install and Maintain: Window films can be easily installed on everything from display cases and showcase windows to bathroom mirrors, building interiors, subway doors and elevator. Not only this, these films are easy to maintain and can be cleaned even with conventional window-cleaning methods.

Durable and Scratch Resistant: With our scratch resistant LLumar window films, you can rest assured that you are getting the industry’s highly durable polyester film.

Optical Clarity: Our highly advanced LLumar window films protection and strength is virtually invisible and offers outstanding optical clarity without yellowing or shadowing of the glass.

Block 99% Of UV Rays: Window films block up to 99% of ultra-violet (UV) rays that can fade or deteriorate luxe fabrics and furnishings.

Shop Online Stylish Window Films at an Affordable Price

Our company, Window Cool offers a premium range of privacy films in various colors, sizes and patterns at most reasonable price. We are the certified supplier of LLumar which is renowned across the world for manufacturing of first-class window films. Our offered privacy films are made with advanced functionality that not only promises utmost privacy but also enhances the beauty of home and working place interiors.