Architectural Film

Architectural Film

Architectural Film

Architectural Film: Why You Need To Apply It To Your Home

One of the things that many people complain about during the hot summer time is the glare of the sun and the heat that comes through windows in their homes. It is not just because of the reduction of comfort levels, it is also because the more heat that enters the home the harder it is for air conditioning systems to keep up. When the cooling system of the home works overtime, energy bills increase and take a bite out of the wallet. To increase energy efficiency, many homeowners choose to place architectural film on their windows. Doing so not only helps to reduce the amount of glare and heat coming into rooms, but it increases the efficiency of the home comfort system. It’s a win, win situation.

Architectural Film For Energy Efficiency

There are other benefits from using architectural film on windows and one of them may be a bit surprising. Did you know that heat can be lost through the windows during winter? This is true, and this too can raise energy bills. When this film is applied to the inside of single glazed windows it decreases the amount of heat that is lost through windows by as much as 30 percent. Along with that, we have all seen upholstered furniture and curtains that have been faded because they spend a lot of time receiving the sun’s rays. With the right film on the windows you can prevent this from happening and spare frequent replacement costs.

Architectural Film Added Benefits

One has to remember that while keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter you will also be enhancing privacy when you add solar film to your windows. Opaque films can be found in frosted decorative styles to provide an attractive finish to your home. All of this makes it more appealing to use architectural film in homes.

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