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The heat from the sun and the glare it causes can make your home/office uncomfortable. Often, the only solution appears to be closing the curtains, which blocks out natural light. But living in a dark, closed-off space isn’t enjoyable for anyone. It can feel like being trapped indoors. Luckily, there’s a simple solution! Professionals can apply anti-heat window film to shade your windows, and your discomfort disappears.

With anti-heat window film, you won’t have to deal with the discomfort caused by heat and sun glare seeping through your windows anymore. This can significantly enhance your comfort levels. Solar controlling window films can block up to 80 percent of the sun’s heat even before it enters your home. This is excellent news, especially for those concerned about high energy bills. By preventing heat from entering your home/Office, you’ll save a considerable amount of money because your cooling system won’t need to work as hard. Just imagine the impact this could have, especially if you’re passionate about environmental conservation

Types of Anti-Heat Window Tint Films

We offer a comprehensive selection of the world’s most premium window films suit your needs


Dyed Films

A sort of window tinting called dyed window film employs a coating of dye to absorb sunlight and lessen the amount of light that comes through the glass. It comes in a range of hues and levels of darkness and is the most popular and reasonably priced kind of window tint.

Metallized Films

Stands out for its unique approach to solar control, utilizing tiny metallic particles embedded within the film to reflect sunlight away and keep interiors cooler. Best heat rejection tint offers excellent / superior heat rejection, durability, and glare reduction. 

Sputtered Films

Looking for the best window tinting, its performance, enduring durability, and sophisticated style make it an investment well worth making. In terms of long-term value, outstanding clarity, and heat rejection, the sputtered film is the best.

Ceramic Films

For individuals looking for a high-performance window film without sacrificing clarity, signal compatibility, or aesthetics, ceramic window film is a great option. 

We Offered a Variety of Shades


Data using the National Fenestration Rating Council’s (NRFC)

Solar Film Shades for Office or Commercial Building
Variety of Tinted Film Shades - VLT

Visible Light Transmittance (VLT%)
The percentage of visible light that passes directly through filmed glass

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Benefits & Features


Home / Residential

Heat Blocking Window Solution For Homes

Office / Commercial

Heat Blocking Window Solution For Office or Commercial Building

Heat Blocking / Reduction

Designed to offer the highest, maximum possible level of heat rejection

Lessen Glare

To reduce glare and make the interior space more comfortable

Lower Energy Costs

Reducing your utility expenses, it offers an efficient solution for your business

More Than 99.9% UV Protection

Shielding up to 99.9% of UV Radiation, our solution reduces fading of valuables

Increased Comfort

offers a more comfortable living or working environment all year round

Enhanced Privacy

Keep your place private throughout the day without compromising natural light

Scratch Resistant

The coating is designed to resist scratches, ensuring durability, for easy cleaning

Glass Aesthetic

Transform ordinary glass into a statement piece while enjoying film benefits

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