Solar Film Vertical Blinds

Solar Film Vertical Blinds

Solar Film Vertical Blinds Act As Window Sunglasses

The greatest advantage using solar film vertical blinds is to enable protection from UV light, glare and heat. Yes, they can absolutely look gorgeous and be style to fit your design tastes and complement the surroundings. When viewing from the outside, a mirror like reflection is seen. However, when looking out from inside, the viewer will see a tinted view of the outside world. Since the use of this type of heat reduction window dressing can be quite productive reducing interior temperatures, think of all the money that can be saved cutting down on air conditioning costs.

Many Benefits Derived From Solar Film Vertical Blinds

Choosing the correct colour film for your vertical blinds is important in its relationship to high-quality performance. For example, the colour gold is the top performing film. It stops 99 percent of UV light, 87 percent of heat and 93 percent of glare. Statistics for additional colours include:

  • Silver stops 97 percent UV light, 77 percent heat and 92 percent glare
  • Grey stops 98 percent UV light, 65 percent heat and 91 percent glare
  • Bronze stops 98 percent UV light, 67 percent heat and 84 percent glare

Additionally, using solar film vertical blinds in commercial settings can save a great deal of money in the long run helping reduce energy-sapping light entering through large windows. Additionally, comfort levels are increased for many office workers through glare reduction benefit using solar film. This leads to better productivity from office staff as well as creating many health benefits as well.

Solar Film Vertical Blinds Are Changeable

The difference between using a set of blinds versus solar film is that the blinds choice is easily manageable and changeable. Solar film has to be directly applied to the window, which includes a great deal more labour than hanging up a set of blinds. Using blinds is a flexible option that isn’t available if the choices installing adhesive-backed solar film directly on the window. In the event that the solar film directly applied to the window needs to be removed, additional labor costs will be involved that are necessary when using solar film vertical blinds.