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If you’re looking for a well established & well developed brand image, LLumar Window Film is the most trusted brand and recognized around the world for its quality, value and services.

Nowadays, people are more favor in low price for laminating window tints for their homes, cars as well as commercial/office windows. People have the right to choose the price either lower or higher depending on their budget but still at the end of the day, the most important choose the right, trusted and best window tinting service that will provide you a high quality and long lasting performance product”. In addition, llumar has a factory-backed warranty made in USA.

Best Window Tinting in Singapore - LLumar Home Window Film Price Installation
Best Window Tinting in Singapore - LLumar Car Window Film Cost Installation

How much does window film cost with installation?

Explore the wide range of LLumar window film with installation : solar film, safety film, decorative film and car film. Each type of films has a different prices, depending on the material you’ll choose. It will also base according to your window size. Price calculated by sqft. 

For solar film for windows (home, architectural & commercial building), ranges from standard to premium cost. Overview Solar Film

For safety film for windows or so called anti-shatter film (home, architectural & commercial building), will more costly as it’s different type and texture of material. Overview Safety Film

When it comes to car window tinting price, it’s different costing from home / buildings. It is base according to your car model and type of window film. You may have optional to install window film for whole car, front or rear windscreen and 2 or 4 side doors are all in different prices.  Additional, you may check and understand LTA window tint regulation before proceeding to tint your car. Overview Car Window Film

Removal of old window film will be different costing. 

Let our Professional Installer Handle it ! - Window Film Removal

Precaution in removing old window film

If your window have existing or old window film and you want to remove the film by yourselves.

Be careful as too much force in film removal may cause the glass crack. Cleaning glass film residue may tendency scratched the glass.    

Window-Cool has well-trained installer and offer professional window film removal services. The most economical way to avail the services to get the job done right.


1). How much to install window film for residential such HDB, HDB BTO, Condos, Landed as well as Commercial Building?
2). How much does LLumar window film cost?
3). What is the cost of window film replacement?
4). What are the types of your window film. Can I request an actual sample?
5). I’m interested to install solar film on my car, do you install window tint on car? how much is the cost?

We have frequently been asked this question. Mostly used in residential and commercial businesses in Singapore. Contact us and all questions will assist by our window film specialist.

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If you would like an accurate price, we offer a free on-site measurement service, no obligation charge. Our window film specialist will assist you personally and advice which type of window film that suitable on your windows depending on your requirements. After consultation, we’ll provide you a final price.

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