LLumar Automotive Window Film

LLumar Car Window Film Singapore - Safety Solar Film for Car Protection

Automotive Window Film
LLumar-ize your Vehicle & Experience Sun Protection like Never before!, Feel the Guaranteed Cooling Difference!

LLumar car window film offer an array of not just tinted but also optically clear films with excellent heat rejection properties. Burn up the road, while keeping your cars interior cool and comfortable. LLumar car window films are scratch-resistant, can reject 99% of the suns ultraviolet rays and have superior heat reduction so you keep your cool while your car looks hotter than ever.

Clear Solar Film

Car Window Film - Clear Solar Film with High Heat Performance

No need to sacrifice visibility for high heat reduction. Despite being invisible, Clear window films reduce solar heat and cut off glare so you can have a clearer, more comfortable view of the road ahead with no interference on your cell phone signals, radio reception, radar detectors, electronic payment of toll road and parking fees, global positioning systems or wireless communications. Find Out More

Tinted Solar Film

Car Window Film - Tinted Solar Film with High Heat Performance

Several levels of protection allow you to get the look and sun shield you desire. From standard dyed films, nano-ceramic films to metallized films and top-performing ceramic window films, LLumar tinted window films will fit your individual style and dramatically enhance the appearance of any vehicle with utmost driving comfort. 

Anti-Smash and Grab

Car Window Film - Anti-Smash and Grab Protection for Glass Breakage

Strengthen your glass to hinder forced entry and stop smash-and-grab thieves on the road or in parking areas. Safety and Security Window Film also keeps glass pieces intact to protect you from injuries from shattered glass. Available in clear and tinted shades. 


Buckle up and enjoy the ride 

Don’t be a victim of smash and grab attack

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