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Do you want to replace the plain white windows of your home with the new stylish and colorful window films to enhance the beauty of your room? If your answer is yes, then we are here to help you.

Our company, Window-Cool, is one of the global leaders in installing and providing the most superior quality window films in Singapore at a very affordable price. Our quality films are known for their outstanding performance, high-quality, durable, elegant styles, and patterns. We are well experienced in this business and known for our quality products for residential and commercial purposes. Window-Cool is a Singapore-based company established in 1999 and successfully running with great professionalism and quality services. 

Our company, Window-Cool, is the official distributor of LLumar USA, a well-known brand in manufacturing the highest quality of advanced and latest technology of solar films. Customer satisfaction is our priority; therefore, we work hard to help our valuable clients with great honesty and quality work. In addition, we offer warranties on our Installed window films.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of qualitative films, you can avail of our window film installation services. We also deal in various solar, safety, decorative, and car films. These films are available in appealing designs and colors, enhancing your home ambiance’s outlook. We understand the requirement of our prestigious customers; therefore, we offer the finest quality of films and installation services at a very affordable price without leaving a burning hole inside your pocket.

Advantages of Window Films


Choose from a wide range of window films in various shades to meet your needs. Our high-quality films, made with the latest technology, enhance your home & business’s look and protect against harmful UV rays. They block dangerous UV rays while allowing gentle light, creating a relaxing ambiance. Our certified professionals ensure complete customer satisfaction with reliable and honest service.

Safety and Security Film

Best Safety Film Singapore for Windows - Glass Break Protection Film

Hold shattered glass together during accidental breakage. Strong and durable.

Solar Control Film

Solar Film Singapore - Best Solar Film for Windows Heat and Glare Problem

Solar glass treatment films reduce the sun’s heat and glare while allowing light to pass through.

Decorative Film

Decorative Home and Office Window Film

These films add decorative features, transforming plain glass into beautiful designs.

UV  Film

UV window film works by decreasing the entry of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, heat, and glare into a building or vehicle.

Exterior Film

Exterior Window Film for Skylight

Perfect for locations lacking indoor accessibility, this high-performance solar film is designed for installation on the exterior.  Ideal for Areas without Interior Access

Car Film

Car Solar Safety Window Film

Ensuring your journeys are both comfortable and secure by shielding your vehicle’s interior from excessive heat, while also offering heightened security and privacy

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Recommended Applications


Home / Residential

Heat Blocking Window Solution For Homes

Office / Commercial

Heat Blocking Window Solution For Office or Commercial Building

Car / Automotive

Heat Blocking Window Solution For Cars

Window-Cool is Singapore’s leading provider of glass window tinting and shade solutions. With a well-established reputation for quality and service, we offer a wide range of window films and blinds, along with expert installation. We are also one of Singapore’s most trusted window shade suppliers.

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