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Block Heat, Not Light with LLumar Solar Film – We Control the Sun
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When it comes to superiority and reliability of window film brand, LLumar solar film is the most trusted, outstanding and world class window tint with over 60 years of experience. 

Why LLumar is the best solar film for home windows and office building as well as cars?, because of it’s beneficial features. dependable quality, durability and long-lasting performance and professional certified installers that people are looking for.  

LLumar sun control window film helps to block the sun’s heat, glare and harmful UV rays and it’s filtering the level of light coming in. Best solar film Singapore’s hot weather solution. Professionally applied to the glass interior surface of your windows. Enjoy coolness and comfort without sacrificing your view. 


Solar Film Singapore - Solar Film For Home Window Sun Control Film Block Sun's Heat and Glare Solution

Work, rest and relax without the bothersome heat build-up and disturbing glare intruding through your windows. With LLumar solar window film, high performance solar properties let you control the amount of light you want to allow into your room. Excellent heat reduction from morning sun.


Window Solar Film Singapore - Solar Film For Home Windows Sun Control Film Energy Saving
Lower Energy Costs with the heat entering your windows significantly reduced, there is a lesser need to turn up your air-conditioning system to cool down your surroundings. Hot and cold spots that cause temperature imbalances are also evened out, easing further load and power consumption. To install  LLumar window film, it will save your money and lower your overall cost.



Solar Film Singapore - Solar Film For Home Sun Control Film Privacy Window Film

With LLumar solar film will provide you enjoy a clear view of the outside without letting outsiders see in through your windows. Protect not just your personal matters but also hide away unsightly clutter from plain view.



Solar Film Singapore - Best Solar Film For Window Sun Control Window Film UV Ray Protection Window Film

Even old windows can look brand new with LLumar window film applied on them. Window films can also compliment the existing look and design of the room, adding a more stylish vibe as compared to bare untreated glass.


Solar Film Singapore - Best Solar Film For Windows Sun Control Solar Window Film Reduce Fading Furniture UV Ray
LLumar window film has up to 99% of UV rays from the sun that cause the fading and discoloration of your expensive furniture and flooring are blocked by window films. To install solar film, now you can be rest assured that the beauty of your decor will retain overtime despite them getting direct sunlight.

Available LLumar Sun Control Window Film Series –
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Solar Film Singapore for Home & Office Window - Reflective Sun Control Window Film Singapore
Color : One-Way Mirror

Reflective Solar Film

Is the most superior for sun protection with feature reflectance on both interiors and exteriors. Providing a high level of glare and heat control.  LLumar’s one way mirror privacy solar window film or so called daytime privacy film is the no. 1 in demand sun control window film for home owners and buildings. Reflective solar film is highly recommended solar control film when it comes to best heat reduction. | view image


Solar Film for Home & Office Window - Deluxe Sun Control Window Film Singapore
Color : Grey

Deluxe Solar Film

Is powerful solar control without a shiny, mirror-like surface. Improved building aesthetics and privacy. Used where substantial heat and glare reduction, and very low internal & external surface reflectance are required with a gray color to match design aesthetics. Install deluxe solar film series, top solar film Singapore’s choice for office / commercial building. | view image

Solar Film Singapore for Home & Office Window - Night Vision Sun Control Window Film Singapore
Color : Warm Grey

Dual Reflective Solar Film

Dual reflective solar film or night vision series, this solar window film products where interior visible light reflectance is less than exterior visible light reflectance. Lower interior reflectance provides improved visibility from interior to exterior without affecting the film’s solar performance. Dual reflective window tint series is the most popular solar window film for both residential and commercial. | view image


Solar Film Singapore for Home & Office Window - Neutral Sun Control Window Film Singapore
Color : Neutral

Neutral Solar Film

Products that have a very uniform (flat) transmission throughout the visible portion of the solar spectrum, resulting in excellent transmitted color balance & no region of the color spectrum being preferentially transmitted over the others. This neutral sun control series is one of highly recommended both homes & offices.
| view image

Solar Film for Home Windows - Clear Sun Control Window Film Singapore
Color : Clear

Specialty Solar Film

Provide a virtually invisible appearance, energy savings and aesthetics. These clear window film are the top choices for exclusive retail and prime commercial as well as residential applications.  | view image


We Specialize in Solar Film for Windows

Window-Cool is the official distributor of LLumar window film in Singapore. One of the leading company specializing in glass window tinting all over in Singapore and has well experienced, trusted window film installation service. Most trusted company solar film Singapore’s supplier.

Solar Window Films Recommended Application

Solar Film for Home Window - Solar Film Singapore
Home / Residential
Window Solar Film for Office - Solar Film Singapore
Office / Commercial
Solar Film for Car Windows - Solar Window Film Singapore
Car / Automotive


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