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Solar Film Singapore - Best Solar Film for Windows Heat and Glare Problem

Are you looking for the best solar film for your home windows? Then you need a superior level of quality that exceeds all your expectations. At Window-Cool, we know your perfect choice and best solar film for home windows, office buildings, and even cars in Singapore. As the most recognized and trusted solar film supplier in the country, we’re confident that LLumar’s advanced solar film solutions will meet all of your needs and provide a level of protection, privacy, and comfort you’ve never imagined before.

Given the hot climate we face in Singapore, having a solar control window film will solve all your temperature problems, without forcing you to sacrifice luminosity or your valuable views! LLumar sun control window film helps to block the sun’s heat, glare, and harmful UV rays, filtering the level of light coming in. LLumar, best heat control window film  for architectural, commercial & automotive

LLumar solar film is the most outstanding world-class window tint supplier that, with more than 60 years of experience serving customers around the world, knows your needs better than anyone else. Maximum reliability and guaranteed superior quality, always from the hand of our trained installers. Window-Cool will supply and install your LLumar solar film in record time and comfort, so you can start enjoying the benefits of having a solar privacy film at home or in the office and control the temperature of the place in the most efficient way. 

Benefits of Solar Control Window Film

Solar Film For Windows - Block Sun's Heat & GlareBlock Sun Heat and Glare

Dawn breaks in Singapore, and the first sun rays begin to creep in through your window in an annoying way. Not only that, but throughout the day, your rooms get increasingly hot, and it becomes annoying to have to suffer the heat and glare. No more suffering this situation with LLumar solar window film. Thanks to its high-performance solar assets, you can control these factors in a completely personalized way.

Enhance Privacy Matters

If you want to prevent onlookers from peeking in your windows, or to keep your private affairs put of view of everyone, without sacrificing the clear view of the outside, LLumar Solar Privacy Film is your best ally. Absolute privacy and intimacy for you, your family, and your home.

Sun Control Solar Film Singapore - Best Solution for Lowering your Electric Bills for Home and OfficeEnergy Saving Window Film

We are often forced to keep the air conditioning on all day to cope with the sweltering heat. Have you ever stopped to think about how much it is making you spend? It’s much better to tackle the problem at its root by installing the LLumar UV window film. Take control of the hot and cold spots that cause temperature imbalances, easing further load and power consumption.

Sun Control Solar Film Singapore - For Home Windows and Office WindowsImprove Appearance – Glass Enhancement

Give a stylish boost and a fresh look to your windows, no matter how old they are. Applying Llumar sun control window film to them will enhance the look-and-feel of your room, making them resemble brand new. Your glass will look bright and radiant like never before.

Best Solution Helps to Prevent Fading Interior Furnishing from Sun Damage - Sun Control Solar Film SingaporePrevent Fading of Interior Home Furnishing

Did you know that constant exposure of your furniture and floor to the sunlight causes severe fading and irreversible discoloration? Invest in the conservation of your interiors, protecting your windows with the best window tinting on the market. LLumar window film blocks out 99% of UV rays from the sun, giving you unparalleled protection and preventing wear and tear on your surfaces.

LLumar Sun Control Window Film Series


Reflective Solar Films - Highest Heat Reduction Solar Window Film


LLumar’s one-way mirror privacy solar window film is the no. 1 in-demand sun control film for homeowners and office buildings throughout Singapore. It drastically reduces the impact of sunlight on the interior of the room, with a high-end reflective coating on the inside and outside of the window to ensure a superior level of glare and heat control.


Deluxe Solar Film - High Heat Rejection Solar Window Film for Homes & Offices


The most premium range of window tints, guaranteeing an unparalleled level of solar control without a shiny, mirror-like surface. Used where substantial heat and glare reduction and very low internal and external surface reflectance are required, with a gray color to match design aesthetics. The ultimate choice for homes and offices in Singapore, providing visual enhancement and privacy protection that is beyond your imagination.


Dual Reflective Solar Film - Night Vision High Heat Rejection Solar Window Film for Homes & Offices


For those scenarios where interior visible light reflectance is less than the exterior one, we have your tailor-made solution. Enhance your view from the inside with our night vision series, while maintaining the high-performance sun protection that characterizes LLumar UV window film.


Neutral Solar Film - High Heat Rejection Solar Window Film for Homes & Offices


Our neutral range of LLumar window film solutions provides you with an outstanding color transmitted balance, which prevents one region of the color spectrum being preferentially transmitted over the others. Your window will not be aesthetically modified, although you will get all the benefits of our sun control series. An ideal choice if you want to keep the feel of your interior unaltered.


Specialty Solar Film - Clear Solar Window Film for Homes & Offices


The most unobtrusive and intimate privacy and the most efficient protection against sunlight should not draw attention unless you want it to. Virtually invisible appearance, energy savings, and aesthetics, combined in the choice of the finest commercials and the most exclusive residential applications.


Exterior Solar Film - Solar Control Film (Exterior Application)


Exterior films are applied to the exterior face of the glazing and provide superior heat rejection and glare reduction performance. A high-performance exterior film are made to be able withstand weather and other factors on the outside of glass.


Non Reflective Solar Film - Dark Tinted Anti Glare Solar Window Film for Homes & Offices


This series offers a flat yet sophisticated and non-reflective shading without giving window glass a metallic quality. For a film that delivers significant solar and aesthetic benefits without reflection, choose non reflective films.


Clear Solar Film - High Heat Rejection Sun Control Film for Cars


No need to sacrifice visibility for high heat reduction. Despite being invisible, Clear window films reduce solar heat and cut off glare so you can have a clearer, more comfortable view of the road ahead with no interference on your cell phone signals, radio reception, radar detectors, electronic payment of toll road and parking fees, global positioning systems or wireless communications.

Tinted Solar Film - High Heat Rejection Sun Control Film for Cars


Several levels of protection allow you to get the look and sun shield you desire. From standard dyed films, nano-ceramic films to metallized films and top-performing ceramic window films, LLumar tinted window films will fit your individual style and dramatically enhance the appearance of any vehicle with utmost driving comfort.

We Specialize in Solar Film for Windows

Window-Cool is the official distributor of LLumar window film in Singapore. One of the leading company specializing in glass window tinting all over in Singapore and has well experienced, trusted window film installation service. Most trusted company solar film Singapore’s supplier.

Recommended applications: Home, Apartment / Condominium, Commercial Offices, Retail Spaces, Hotels, Schools & Universities, Health & Care Facilities, Automotive / Car

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