Solar Control Window Film

Block Heat, Not Light with Solar Film
enjoy coolness and comfort without sacrificing your view

Solar Film for Home Windows & Office Windows

It’s Too Hot?, Let our Solar Film Handle it! – We Control the Sun.

Protection Window Treatment. Heat Blocking and Glare Solution. Advantage of Solar Film

Solar Film for Home & Office Singapore

Block Heat and Glare. Work, rest and relax without the bothersome heat build-up and disturbing glare intruding through your windows. Window films let you control the amount of light you want to allow into your room.


Solar Film for Home & Office Singapore
Lower Energy Costs. With the heat entering your windows significantly reduced, there is a lesser need to turn up your air-conditioning system to cool down your surroundings. Hot and cold spots that cause temperature imbalances are also evened out, easing further load and power consumption.

Solar Film for Home & Office Singapore
Enhance Privacy Matters. Enjoy a clear view of the outside withut letting outsiders see in through your windows. Protect not just your personal matters but also hide away unsightly clutter from plain view.

Solar Film for Home & Office Singapore
Improve Appearance – Glass Enhancement. Even old windows can look brand new with window films applied on them. Window films can also compliment the existing look and design of the room, adding a more stylish vibe as compared to bare untreated glass.

Solar Film for Home & Office Singapore
Prevent Fading of Interior Home Furnishing. 99% of UV rays from the sun that cause the fading and discolouration of your expensive furniture and flooring are blocked by window films. Now you can be rest assured that the beauty of your decor will retain overtime despite them getting direct sunlight.


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