Office Window Film

Office Window Film

Office Window Film

There are varieties of solar film are available for office windows, available in clear and tinted colour. However, the most popular solar film for office windows are dark ones. Keep your office building to have more comfortable to work by laminating window film on windows.

Types of Window Film for Office Windows

Tinted Solar Window Films

Glass Tinted Solar Film for Office Window Singapore
Block Sun-Heat & Glare. If your employee is working nearby the windows and the sunlight penetrate direct on the computer or even if its not. Direct exposure to sun rays cause eye strain, fatigue and other problems. LLumar solar film is a retrofit product that installed on inner side of the window and It efficiently works in reducing the skin damaging effects of UV rays by restricting its entrance.


Clear Solar Window Films

Glass Clear Solar Film for Office Window Singapore

Provide a virtually invisible appearance. These films are the top choices for exclusive retail & prime commercial as well as residential/home applications.


Solar and Security Window Films

Solar Anti Shatter Film for Office Window Singapore

Protect your Property & People. With 2 in 1 film structure, Not only helps to block the sun heat & glare but also protect the building interior and reduce hazards to building occupants from broken or flying glass. It hold shattered glass together during accidental glass breakage.