Types of Privacy Film For Home and Office

Privacy Films For Home & Office

Elevate your windows, Elevate your peace

Excellent Privacy Protection


Glass treatment window film for privacy gives the appearance of expensive etched glass, comes in different shades, and is replaced when a new look is desired.

Solution designed to enhance the seclusion of your living or working space.

Types of Privacy Film For Glass / Windows


Frosted Film

Allow light while protecting privacy. A stylish way of ensuring privacy within office glass corridors or home corridors without sacrificing light. With added protection from harmful UV rays. Silhouette is still visible on both sides of the windows/glass wall.

This plain frosted film is mostly used in offices (corridors, partitions, room, conference rooms, meeting rooms, server rooms), homes (service yard kitchen window, toilet glass door, toilet window, corridor) & commercial environments. Frosted window film is best for window or glass partition privacy.

Opaque Film

This type of privacy film is designed for total privacy and full security. Total Blockout view from both sides of the glass windows/wall. Commonly used for home and office, it reduces eye strain and helps improve conditions for homeowners, office employees, and building tenants. Available in black and white color and other shades.

One-Way Mirror Film

One-Way Mirror Window Film Daytime Privacy Solution

Best window film for privacy – not blocking the view.  This one way mirror solar film that acts as daytime privacy film ratio of surrounding light conditions has direct effect on tinting or one way mirror effect. The lighter / brighter the surrounding, the more reflective the film is. Hence, the bright outside cannot be seen from the darker office inside. The reverse happens at night.

What is the difference of one way mirror film from other privacy film and what’s good on this film?, its 2 in 1 advantage, it has solar properties withstand heat and glare. Superior blocking the sun’s heat and glare plus provide morning privacy.

Gradient Film

Enhance the beauty of your home and office environment. It’s a unique designs add beauty and privacy to interior spaces. Another type of privacy film offered in variety style, design and level of light transmission compare the other privacy film. Gradient film is perfect suitable for office meeting room or conference room, hotel decoration, home kitchen or living room, restaurants.. etc. It increase and create a comfortable living and working environment.

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