Best Window Treatment Trends

Best Window Treatment Trends

5 Popular Window Treatment
Trends in 2022

Searching for the best window treatment trends in 2022? Our team at Window-Cool aims to help you enhance the aesthetics of your interior design.

Window treatments and blinds are an essential element of an interior and exterior design—be it residential, non-residential, or commercial. Windows treatments come with a variety of options to choose from—including window tinting (window films – solar film, safety film, automotive film, decorative film, privacy film), Indoor blinds (roller blinds, venetian blinds, dual shade blinds), Outdoor blinds (bamboo blinds, ziptrak), and more. It makes an interior more functional and comfier for the day. It blocks the sunlight from coming in, prevents glare, and adds personality to a space.

Read on for Window-cool’s insider guide to the top 2022 window treatment trends and enhance the aesthetics of your interior design!

If you want to introduce minimalist aesthetics to your home or office—dual shade blinds are best to fall for! The other interior design element—minimalism, is also on the surge for the window treatments. The most trending window coverings are simple with understated designs. Minimalist window treatments are the fastest selling option in the market due to their simple, sleek look and practical features. Zebra blinds are one of the hottest examples of minimalist window treatments. These are simple, stylish, functional, dual-colored, light-filtering window treatments. These blinds are also called dual shade blinds, rainbow, or Korean blinds. These indoor window blinds allow you to control the amount of light entering your space. The sleek and modern design of these blinds appeals to the minimalistic trend. Window-Cool’s dual shade blinds are available in several patterns, textures, and fabrics. Having the utmost operating convenience powered by various lift systems—these blinds are designed to blend well with every design and taste.

Solar films are another popular trend in window treatments. It is known for blocking solar heat and glare. Solar films enhance privacy and keep the space cool.  It is an energy-saving option since it controls the hot and cold spots causing temperature imbalances. This helps improve the efficiency of air conditioners and temperature control systems, resulting in reduced power consumption. Solar films are readily available everywhere. You can check out our range of solar films in Singapore to enhance the appearance of your room. These solar films make the window glass more radiant and clear like never before.

Solar films are also known for preventing discoloration of furniture and floor through sunlight. Solar films prevent 99% of UV rays from the sun. The LLumar solar films are the most outstanding and world-class window tints used in automobiles. It offers privacy while protecting the glass and blocking the UV rays to maintain the vehicle’s temperature.

Bamboo blinds are the eco-friendliest outdoor blinds to choose from. These blinds take you close to nature with their natural materials and wooden accents. These blinds add beauty to your space and bohemian touch to your room. These bamboo chick blinds are natural bamboo and can be used as indoor or outdoor blinds. You can either go for single-toned bamboo chick blinds that can have any natural shades, a combination of black & white color, or any other color combination. It can be fully customized according to your space’s interior and exterior design requirements—making it look like a perfect Boho-chic.

Multi-functionality is one of the major concerns when it comes to window treatments. All the households and business owners look for window treatments that offer more than just blocking out the sun or providing privacy. The home décor devotees and official interior design experts tend to ensure the window treatments have decorative and functional elements. Roller blinds are one of the most trending options for multi-functional window treatments. It is perfect sunscreen protection for windows that can be used in the interior and the exterior. It is highly endorsed for residential and commercial spaces since it blocks and restricts the sunlight outside from passing through the window. It is a popular pick by homeowners and commercial users.

Roller blinds are one of the most practical and economical window treatments. It adds a touch of modernity to your space. It is simple and convenient to use. These roller blinds come in various styles, fabrics, and designs that can be customized to your requirements for size. You can also go for blackout and dim-out roller blinds to attain the level of privacy you may be looking for—using room darkening. At the same time, the perforated roller blinds are also available to suit your needs by filtering some of the light.  The roller blind systems come in four types: pulley chain, spring, spring chain, and heavy-duty spring. The interior designers equally love them for homes and offices.

Widows films are also becoming increasingly popular over time. These window films come in various colors and designs to offer full or partial tempering to your windows. You can include these window films in Singapore in your residential or commercial spaces to add more functionality to the area. These window films bring texture and color to glass windows, doors, or room dividers. You can install them how you want or how the space requires it. All these colors— green, blue, red, and yellow— add vibrancy and uplift the interior design of a room.

This trending option of window treatments can be used as privacy films in homes and offices. In the offices, the frosted privacy films help reduce environmental distractions and control the inflow of sunlight. Opaque black or opaque white privacy films in Singapore, allow you to darken the space during the day. Opaque white privacy films ensure privacy and prevent you from losing focus by watching the outsiders walking by your area in the office. These privacy films have the highest heat rejection rate, for which these window films are widespread worldwide.

Concluding Thoughts

Windows treatments and blinds simply level up the aesthetic appeal of any interior design. All you need to do is to choose the right fit that goes perfectly well with the design of your space—be it residential or commercial. You can use any trending options from curtains, privacy Film bamboo blinds, window films, solar films, safety films, vertical or horizontal blinds, or any indoor and outdoor blinds. So just pick any of these trends to give a fascinating touch to the interior design of your space. Make sure you choose the most reliable window treatment suppliers and service providers for installing window blinds or shades.