Dual Shade Blinds

Dual Shade Rainbow Blinds Singapore


In this modern fast paced age, we find more ways to efficiently accomplished tasks. Time is of value. This translates to a phone that does not only make calls but has now become a mini office that we can take with us wherever we go.

Technology has taken us to greater heights and the influence media has given us tools that shapes our businesses.

Take a look at the rising star in the blinds industry. It is called rainbow blinds / dual shade blinds or more commonly known as Korean blinds. It is also known as zebra blinds or combi blinds. This design is popularized in Korea and is now gaining traction in the world.

In this smart design, it has combined two functions in one product. It is made of two layer fabric sheer perforated material and polyester. With just a touch of your hand adjustment can be made to control dimness or opaqueness in a room.

Daytime light and wind can be filtered by the sheer fabric and you can opt for total privacy with the blackout material. Functionality and elegance combined with a variety of designs and colors to choose from.

Maintenance is also easy as one only need to use mild solution of washing liquid and warm water to clean. Air dry to finish.

At Window-Cool, value for money is what we provide.