Be Inspired. LLumar Glass Enhancement Film

Bring color and texture to virtually any glass window, door or room divider. LLumar glass enhancement film puts a new world of creativity, functionality and flexibility within your grasp, and within your vision. Prove that you’re not a bore and let out the artist in you!

Decorative Window Film Series


We offer a comprehensive selection of the world’s most premium window films suit your needs

Frosted Privacy Film

Frosted Film - Privacy Film for Glass Office and Home

Frosted films, popular for homes and offices, provide privacy and reduce distractions while allowing light in, ideal for conference rooms, study areas, bathrooms, and corridors.

Patterned Film 

Patterned Film - Privacy Film for Glass Commercial and Residential

Variation of stripe, square, and dot patterns offer a unique twist on privacy, allowing visibility in select areas and signaling approaching individuals.

Coloured Film

Colored Film - Graphic Arts Film For Glass Commercial and Residential

LLumar offers a spectrum of colors to match any personality. Translucent colored films add vibrance to a room, leaving a bold impression that wows guests.

Opaque Film / Blackout Film

Blackout Film or Opaque Film - Privacy Film for Glass Office and Home

This film is commonly used for privacy purposes in bathrooms, conference rooms, or any area where visibility needs to be restricted without sacrificing light.

Customized Graphic Film

Customised Frosted or Graphic Film - Decal Vinyl Sticker for Glass Office and Home

Versatile material used to personalize and enhance windows with unique designs, patterns, or imagery.

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Decorative Film

One look at LLumar decorative film and you will know that you have never seen a window film quite like it.


LLumar film is the most outstanding world-class window tint supplier that, with more than 60 years of experience serving customers around the world, knows your needs better than anyone else. Maximum reliability and guaranteed superior quality, always from the hand of our trained installers. 

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