LLumar Decorative Window Film

One look at LLumar Decorative Film and you will know that you have never seen a window film quite like it.
LLumar glass enhancement film puts a new world of creativity, functionality and flexibility within your grasp and within your vision
Frosted Privacy Film For Office and Home

Bring color and texture to virtually any glass window, door or room divider. LLumar glass enhancement film puts a new world of creativity, functionality and flexibility within your grasp, and within your vision. Prove that you’re not a bore and let out the artist in you!

LLumar Decorative Window Film 

Frosted Film - Privacy Film for Glass Office and Home


Popularly used for homes and offices, frosted films are translucent and therefore let in light but also enhance privacy and reduce distractions from passers-by in conference rooms, study areas, bathrooms and corridors.


Blackout Film or Opaque Film - Privacy Film for Glass Office and Home


Wanting total privacy during both daytime and night time? Opaque black or opaque white window films don’t just protect you from the watchful eyes of outsiders they also protect you from the sun. LLumar opaque films have the highest heat rejection rate among all decorative films.


Colored Film - Graphic Arts Film For Glass Commercial and Residential


Green, blue, red and yellow. There a LLumar color for every personality. Translucent coloured films give off a certain vibrance in a room. Bold colours leave an impression and make sure that your guests are wow-ed from seeing something out of the ordinary.


Customised Frosted or Graphic Film - Decal Vinyl Sticker for Glass Office and Home


Customize your space with a corporate logo or personal signage and leave your mark on doors, windows and other glass surfaces.



Patterned Film - Privacy Film for Glass Commercial and Residential


Variations of stripes, squares and dots provide a different alternative to privacy than just the normal frosted design. They allow visibility in certain areas and can alert you to the presence of another individual that’s about to enter or exit the room.


Lumar Window Film Singapore - The Top Leading Window Film Brand in SingaporeOur Brand

For over 60 years, the LLumar brand has been built on a single word: Quality

Frosted Film Privacy Film for Home and Offices - Window Film SingaporeTop 3 Window Privacy Options for Singapore Homes

Privacy protection window film enhance the privacy.

One Way Mirror Film - Daytime Privacy Solar FilmDAYTIME PRIVACY SOLAR FILM

LLumar’s one-way mirror privacy solar window film is the no. 1 in-demand sun control window film for homeowners and office buildings throughout Singapore.