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If you’re aiming for added privacy, better control over sunlight and heat, a touch of decoration, or enhanced security, window films bring a variety of advantages to the table. They’re a smart choice for upgrading the aesthetics of your HDB windows while addressing specific needs for comfort, style, and protection. Provides versatile and enhances the look of HDB windows.

Solar Control & Privacy Films


Popular Model for our Region

LLumar solar control architectural films are designed for home and commercial applications where damaging ultraviolet light, heat, and glare are problems, energy efficiency is important, or a new look is desired.

Night Vision DRN Series

Dual reflective films employ advanced technology to achieve superior daytime solar rejection and nighttime visibility, creating an ideal environment for any setting.

Bronze Series

Reduces unwanted glare and heat while maintaining a warm, inviting ambiance with a subtle bronze hue.

Deluxe Series

Excellent for buildings that need to keep the sun’s heat and glare out, while also maintaining a consistent and non-reflective look from the outside. It’s ideal for architects who want a uniform look for their buildings without any shiny or mirrored surfaces.

Reflective Series

Creates a cooler, more comfortable living environment by reflecting heat and controlling sunlight.

One-Way Mirror

Enhance your privacy and comfort with this high-performance daytime film. Enjoy unobstructed views, reduced heat and glare, and complete privacy from outside during the day.

Solar-Safety Frosted Privacy

Create private spaces that feel open and airy with frost series decorative window films. Frosted and translucent finishes ensure privacy without sacrificing natural light.

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Solar Window Film Deals Available


More than a million windows are laminated in Singapore. Window-Cool offers a wide range and high quality architectural window film promotion for your glass windows (HDB, Condominium & Executive Condo, Landed Property, Bungalow, Commercial and Government Buildings)

HDB Solar Window Films Promo

HDB Solar Films
(Limited Offer For Premium Film)


Boost comfort, and save! Upgrade your windows with our premium solar films and enjoy big savings with our special offer. They not only enhance your home’s beauty but also block harmful UV rays and reduce glare and heat.

Product Features:

– Premium high-quality long-lasting performance film for enhanced privacy and security.

– Blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays to protect your furniture and flooring.

– Reduces glare and heat, keeping your space cool and comfortable.

Valid: 31/05/2024

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your windows and enjoy the benefits of premium solar films today!

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