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Roller Blinds Window Shades Singapore

Roller blinds are one of alternative sun screen protection for windows. It designed and recommended for residential and commercial environment to block and eliminate the sunlight outside passing from the window. A window covering that roll and up screen.

Nowadays, many people are using roller blinds than curtains especially for home and office. Highly recommended and best choice of window solution for home, office, or any area of the room for covering. A practical and economical ideal for window treatment. In addition, it enhances your room turns to modern stylish look. It is simple and easy to use.

Our roller blinds material are available for exterior and interior window covering with a variety range of fabric materials such as plain colours, textures, pattern and sheer. There are also a different types of design available, blackout, perforated and dim-out. Blackout fabric, gives you a total 100% visual cut off, to enjoy a total privacy in rooms. Perforated fabric, allows partial visual to the outside landscape while enjoying the certain level of privacy. Dim-Out fabric, ensure 100% of privacy while allowing natural light to eliminate the indoor environment.


1). Pulley Chain Type
2). Spring Type
3). Spring Chain Type
4). Heavy Duty Spring Type

BLACKOUT Roller Blinds | Photo Gallery

PERFORATED Roller Blinds | Photo Gallery