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Window-Cool established in 1999, has been successfully installing glass tint & window shades in Singapore for millions of square feet with a consistency and commitment to the highest quality of service, professionalism and workmanship in the industry.

Controlling the sun in style is what we do!

Window-Cool is BCA registered and ISO and BIZSAFE certified company.



Since becoming the official distributor in the year 2002 of LLumar USA, the world-renowned brand since 1950 by Eastman Chemical Company and a pioneer in manufacturing solar window film with the highest quality and latest technology with stability for its performance, Window-Cool and our team of well-trained and certified applicators provide the best standard of workmanship and reliability for our Singapore market.

As demand intensified for roller blinds, Multiwave Solar Roller blinds, Solar Vertical blinds and Panel blinds were brought in from Germany. In 2005, Window-Cool also became a Multifilm distributor for shades in the country.

Both window film and solar blinds are designed to enhance the performance of all types of glass facades in reducing heat, eliminating ultra-violet rays and minimizing glare while increasing safety and enabling savings on your energy costs.

Window-Cool strives to serve our customers with great honesty and reliability in our window-film world.

Window-Cool Official Distributor of LLumar Window Film and Multifilm Roller Blinds in Singapore


Window-Cool professionals have film-to-glass recommendations from our manufacturers that assist in selecting the right film with the right benefits for a particular window as desired by the customer.Professionally installed window films look better, last longer than their warranted lives and are usually more likely to perform to specifications than those improperly installed.

A window film professional has experience and appropriate training in identifying unique or unusual circumstances that might affect either the installation or performance of the product, which might otherwise go unnoticed by an untrained eye.

The warranties offered on quality films installed by Window-Cool cover costs of removal, the replacement film, and re-installation. Window film purchased elsewhere will most likely only cover costs of the replacement film in the event of a product failure.

Remember that even the best window film if not installed properly will not likely live up to the customer’s expectations.

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