Curtains Singapore
Day and Night Window Curtains

From the homes in Pompeii thousands of years ago to theatres that play Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream in Broadway, curtains has been around us. It serves different purposes from providing privacy in halls of aristocrats to separating the backstage to the audiences.

As the world progressed, it brought with it myriads of industrial and environmental problems. And from that, the use of curtains have expanded its utility.

Harmful UV rays that damage not only our skin but also affects our furnitures are now a concern. Heat from global warming during the normal windy day is now the norm.

These can all be avoided and minimized by using curtains in our homes.

Not all curtains are the same. Aspects of its use are to be considered in procuring one especially at our houses where we intend to relax. Heat reduction, privacy, noise reduction, UV light filtration and for our household managers even the ease with which it can be cleaned. All of these including it’s durability to last are key factors in choosing.

In Window-Cool, we take all of these concerns at heart with a vast array of designs to choose from – sheer fabrics for daytime use to thicker fabrics for night time privacy.

At Window-Cool, value and design are with your reach.