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Strike the perfect balance between privacy and openness with our exclusive Gradation Film. Featuring a broad frosted band that gradually transitions from a richly opaque center to a transparent fade at both the top and bottom, this innovative window film offers a distinct visual separation while preserving the influx of natural and overhead light within your surroundings. Whether for professional or residential settings, the Gradation Film is the ideal solution, catering to a wide range of applications such as windows, partitions, doors, waiting room walls, glass showers, restroom dividers, or any transparent surface in need of enhanced seclusion.

Gradient Window Films


We have a wide variety of high-quality window films to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.


Horizon gradation film strikes the perfect balance between discretion and openness. Its wide frosted band, with a dense opaque center and vertical fade at top and bottom, offers unique visual separation while preserving natural light. Ideal for professional and residential spaces, it enhances windows, partitions, doors, and more with added seclusion.


Polar gradation film adds an enchanting touch and privacy to windows, doors, and partitions. Its top-down snowy ombre effect creates an elegant room divider, offering perfect opacity while hinting at what’s behind the glass, all while keeping the space bright and vibrant.


Elevate privacy with Sea Shore gradation film for your home or office. This stylish gradient window film maintains top transparency for ample natural light while gradually increasing opacity, creating a seamless separation that provides privacy without isolation.


Get a modern semi-private window effect with Zebra gradation film. It offers a sleek division of space while maintaining light and visibility. Perfect for offices and homes.


Experience privacy without isolation with Tiny Dot Gradation Film. Perfect for private offices, waiting rooms, glass doors, and showers, it adds a subtle gradient for just enough visibility while maintaining your peace and privacy.


Elevate your space with Blade Gradation Film: sleek, modern, and visually striking. This gradient film filters light, reduces distractions, and offers partial privacy, making it perfect for open yet intimate settings like waiting rooms or bathrooms.”


Balance transparency and discretion with our WCD0580 gradation film. It offers concentrated privacy, making it ideal for conference rooms and personal spaces like glass showers. Maintain awareness, block distractions, and express yourself comfortably.


Maximize your space with Light Frost Gradation Film. It provides a unique separation without sacrificing light distribution or openness, making it ideal for windows, doors, partitions, and more. Reduce glare, diffuse light, and maintain a unified feel.

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