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Venetian Blinds, The Most Modern Window Coverings.
Venetian Blinds Singapore

Venetian blinds are a fantastic and different option to cover the windows from the outside looks while allowing the passage of light with a special charm. If you are looking for the best Venetian Window Blinds in Singapore, look no further!


A venetian blind is a type of blind made of aluminum, PVC or wood and formed by slats of greater or lesser thickness that are raised or lowered by means of cords and folded or extended thanks to some rods that act as guides. The slats of the venetian blinds can thus vary their position to allow or not the passage of light and regulate their angle by means of a PVC handle, so that we can let more or less light through when we have the venetian blind down.


The Venetian blind is the ideal complement for you to cover your windows and provide an original and elegant aesthetic touch in any room. In addition, with this type of product you will allow the passage of light as you wish and with a special charm.

In winter, the concave side of the slats should face inwards, while in summer, as the warm air is directed upwards, the concave side should face outwards. This will allow you to block the entrance of the sun’s rays on the hottest days, without impeding the circulation of air by leaving the window open.

When handling these items, you will have no problem because they are very easy to operate. They are formed by thick or thin slats that will go up or down by means of cords so that you can regulate the intensity of the passage of clarity. For example, in children’s rooms is a great success to make the youngest have a much more pleasant awakening.

As an added advantage, you will have the option of folding or extending them, thanks to some rods that act as guides and coordinate the opening angle to let more or less light through when you have the blind down.

You can use them, for example, in kitchen or bedroom windows, or to dress up your office and provide the privacy you need without depriving yourself of obtaining natural light with gradual regulation.

As it is a non-textile material, you will avoid the accumulation of dust mites and you will have the advantage of being able to clean them much more easily than traditional blinds or curtains.


A Venetian blind is most practical for the following reasons

  • They provide privacy without depriving natural light.
  • They allow the amount of light to be regulated gradually.
  • The daily cleaning is easier than that of Japanese curtains, blinds or panels.
  • They don’t accumulate dust mites, as it is a non-textile material.
  • They are versatile and suitable for any size of window and can be used both in homes and offices.
  • They are affordable and durable.
  • They are available in various finishes, offering you a variety of styles to suit your home interior.
  • They create a uniform look both inside and outside your home.


Wooden blinds are very resistant to heat and light. As we mentioned, they allow us to create rustic, natural and very aesthetic environments. Their slats are rigid, so they require more delicate cleaning than other types of venetian blinds.

Wooden blinds have always had a special appeal that mixes elegance with harmony. It seemed that for a while they would remain in the background after the great acceptance that both PVC and aluminum had in this type of accessories.

However, just like the ones made of these two materials, wooden Venetian blinds were also modernized and knew how to jump to the forefront, becoming a fantastic range of color options that gives countless choices and makes them ideal for installation in the living rooms of houses.

When in the past it seemed that only aluminum Venetian blinds would be available in the work and professional environment, wooden blinds have become the favorite of large elite offices and meeting rooms of business corporations or prestigious law firms.


This material gives the venetian blinds great resistance, as they do not deform even if we bend them, which is not the case with aluminium blinds

They are also not too affected by humidity and light.

However, they are less able to withstand high temperatures. They are ideal for public spaces, the kitchen or the bathroom, and, along with the aluminum venetian blinds, the most used.



The latest generation of aluminum venetian blinds that you are currently seeing in the online catalogs of specialized stores such as, are a far cry from those that a few decades ago abounded in the windows and glass doors of offices, editorial offices, offices, receptions, etc.

Taking into account their structure, the transformations that this type of Venetian blinds have undergone have been truly spectacular: A new alloy in their composition makes them much more resistant than they already were to their main enemy: corrosion.

The slats of the aluminum blinds adapt very well to humidity and high temperatures. They are flexible, so we can bend them to see out without having to move the whole shutter.

When it comes to choosing colors, venetian blinds installed for kitchens are a special favorite because of the wide variety of bright, dynamic tones you can choose from and how easy it is to maintain and clean in a place in the house where so much life is made



You must bear in mind the opening system of your window when installing venetian blinds:

  • If your window is collapsible: To guarantee the opening, install the venetian blind from 7 to 15 cm high so that it can be opened.
  • If your window is a sliding window: It is not necessary to leave that space since it can be opened anyway.

You can find your venetian blind in different widths. Remember that you have to choose the upper width in 15 cm – 20 cm to the width of your window. You can cut and finish them off with the appropriate accessory; the blinds cutter is valid for aluminium and PVC blinds.

You can also find your venetian blind in different lengths and you can adopt the length of the blind to your window by removing the slats.