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One-Way Mirror Film


One-way mirror window film, also known as daytime privacy film, functions similarly to a mirror on one side of the glass during the day. This innovative film allows individuals inside to have clear visibility outward, while those outside observe only a reflection and cannot see inside. Additionally, it provides high heat rejection, making it ideal for maintaining comfort indoors, particularly in spaces where it’s brighter outside than inside. This film serves as an effective solution for enhancing privacy while simultaneously managing heat transmission.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

about One-Way Mirror Window Film


The film is two-toned: grey on the interior and silver on the exterior. It is the silver side that creates the mirror effect.

Yes. The film can be applied on the interior side of glass doors, windows, partitions, corridors, and even skylight glass, as long as the surface is smooth.

Since the films are tinted, your interior glass will be a shade darker (imagine putting on sunglasses) but your view of the outside will still be visible, only now more comfortable and a lot less glaring. From the exterior, people will only be able to see their own reflection (like a mirror) during the day.

The films require a play in lighting to create the one-way mirror effect. One side must be brighter than the other. The brighter side (the exterior) will not be able to see through the glass, while the darker side (the interior) can clearly see the other side. At night when the lighting is reversed (exterior is dark, while interiors have the lights on), then people from outside will be able to see inside the room.

With the one-way mirror film providing daytime privacy only, use of blinds or curtains can upgrade your windows’ privacy until night time. The combination of the one-way mirror film plus blinds or curtains will allow unhindered views for you during the day and ensure total privacy once your lights are on at night.

This situation may occur for casement or push-out type windows where the glass catches the sun’s rays horizontally or at an angle (less likely for windows in an upright or vertical position), but the sun moves through-out the day, and so the reflection caused is only temporary and goes away as the sun changes its position in the sky.

The reflective properties of the film also prevent a majority of the sun’s heat from entering your windows. It is actually the solar-control film in the market with the highest heat rejection properties, lowering the temperature inside your room by up to 6 degrees C. This means a cooler interior and lesser electricity expenses. At the same time, it protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun which cause skin cancer and the premature fading of your furniture.
One Way Mirror Film - Reflective Window Film (With and Without Film)

One-Way Mirror Window Film Daytime Privacy Solution

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See through from inside while outsiders can’t see in during the day. Total privacy during daytime.

Benefits & Features


UV & Sun Blocking Solar Film For Home Windows
UV & Sun Blocking Solar Film For Office Windows

Increased Comfort

offers a more comfortable living or working environment all year round

99% UV Protection

Shield 99% of UV Radiation, Reducing fading of valuables, fabrics, and furnishing

Energy Efficiency

Reduction of hot spots helps increase HVAC efficiency and lower energy costs

Scratch Resistant

The coating is designed to resist scratches, ensuring durability, for easy cleaning

High Heat Rejection

Designed to offer the highest, maximum possible level of heat rejection

Enhanced Privacy

Keep your place private throughout the day without compromising natural light

Reflective Surface

Deflects sunlight & heat away from the window, maintaining cooler interiors

Glare Reduction

To reduce glare and make the interior space more comfortable

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