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LLumar Exterior Window Films are installed for places that can only accessible exteriorly, with harsh environmental that are inevitable. It does not only help to protect every prolonged exposure object, and also our skin. Nevertheless it helps save the effort of changing many things at one go. It is a great eliminator of these negative effects. LLumar Exterior  Films have superior heat rejection and glare reduction performance

These films are made of strong scratch-resistant coating that enables it to withstand demanding sun exposure. It delivers impressive Heat rejection, Glare control, and 99% UV ray protection, and it is great at cost reduction assistance for a building’s HVAC system.

Exterior Film Series


We offer a comprehensive selection of the world’s most premium window films suit your needs

Exterior Solar Film

Atmosphere solar control window film is an innovative retrofit solution for both commercial and residential spaces. It offers protection from UV rays, heat rejection, glare reduction, and a fresh, consistent look. It’s a high-performance option that intercepts solar heat before it enters the building, reducing the need for energy-intensive cooling.

Exterior Safety & Security Film 

Exterior Anti Shatter Protection Safety Film for Glass Balcony

Building safety and security are top of mind for property owners and managers. Older buildings may have glass that is not up to current code. Replacing glass is a huge investment. Atmosphere Safety and Security window film helps hold broken glass together and may enable glass to pass Safety Glazing Testing Standards as it protects against severe weather, injury and property loss

Film Type and Data Specifications


Data using the National Fenestration Rating Council’s (NFRC)

Exterior Solar Series

Colour: Neutral

Solar Properties:
% Visible Light Transmittance: 38
% Total Solar Energy Rejected: 51
% Ultraviolet Ray Protection: 99

Colour: Neutral

Solar Properties:
% Visible Light Transmittance: 23
% Total Solar Energy Rejected: 64
% Ultraviolet Ray Protection: 99

Exterior Safety & Security Series

Colour: Clear

Solar Properties:
% Visible Light Transmittance: 89
% Total Solar Energy Rejected: 16
% Ultraviolet Ray Protection: 99

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