Bomb Blast Protection Window Film

Tested tough, LLumar Safety and Security Window Film
meets the stringent standards of impact resistance

Bomb Blast LLumar Protection Safety and Security Window Film

Bomb blast protection window film is a type of window film designed to help protect buildings and people from the effects of bomb blasts. It is typically made from a thick, clear, and durable material that is applied to the inside of windows.

The primary purpose of bomb blast protection window film is to help prevent the glass from shattering and flying through the air during a bomb blast. When a bomb explodes, the force of the blast can create high-speed debris that can cause significant damage and injury. By applying bomb blast protection window film, film can help hold the glass together and prevent it from breaking into small, sharp pieces.

Our range of LLumar Bomb Blast Safety Film includes a series of top-quality security films with our multi-layer technology, which makes it possible to superimpose dozens of micro-layers in an integrated manner and to achieve a higher performance than standard polyester films in the event of burglary attempts, breakages, explosions, impacts… All this, together with maximum transparency (optically imperceptible), makes them unique, robust and resistant, the number one product on the international market.


Bomb Blast Protection Window Film For Home, Cars & Commercial Buildings

Can they be considered real anti-theft protection?
Placed on the glass of a shop window, for example, the Bomb Blast Safety Film provides really adequate protection against theft. For example, a stone thrown strongly at a shop window or glazing will, in the worst case, cause a hole where the attacker will pass only the arm. The glass will not break into a thousand pieces, without releasing its entire contents. An impact with a blunt object on the bomb blast anti-vandalism film can cause the glass to break, but it remains attached to the sheet without breaking completely. Access to the interior of the premises is made difficult and, on the other hand, damage to people as a result of the projection of glass fragments is avoided. We should not forget that the exposed goods will not be damaged and that the surface will be contained by the sheet until it is replaced.

Are your Llumar safety films expensive?
No, they are not! In fact, they are much cheaper than installing minimum-thickness security windows. In addition, safety glass does not provide the UV protection that some of our Bomb Blast Safety Films have. Their advantages over safety glass are that they provide the same security, but at a lower cost, are easily installed without disturbing the staff working and allow you greater flexibility when replacing them.

Can we use our bomb blast safety films for full sun protection?
Yes, as long as you choose the model that includes this feature. Several of our tinted LLumar Bomb Blast Safety Films reflect the infrared rays that cause heat in the summer and reduce glare in offices that are exposed to the sun. Finally, they are capable of absorbing 99% of the UV rays that cause discolouration of sun-exposed items in shop windows, etc. And, in winter, our Llumar films contribute to energy saving in heating, as they work as insulation from the outside. If you are looking for physical protection and sun protection, we have what you need.


Can we install these anti-vandal films on our car or vehicle?
The use of anti-vandal film for windows and glass is not limited to shop windows. Its application is expected in first-floor homes, offices, commercial premises, cars, trucks, buses, trains and any other surface susceptible to damage by graffiti, acids, impacts or theft attempts. Indeed, there is a range applied to vehicles and transport. This Blast Mitigation Film applied to the glass of a car reduces the risk of breakage by impact and therefore, theft.

Is its implementation tedious or unattractive?
Our Blast Mitigation Window Protection films are transparent and colourless, so they do not affect visibility or aesthetics. They can be placed inside or outside the glass, depending on their function: anti-theft, anti-graffiti, anti-fragment or security. All of them increase the resistance of any type of glass against theft, vandalism or accidents. Its installation is fast, without affecting the surface of the glass. They are easy to clean, and their replacement is simple, as the glass surface remains intact!


Are these bomb mitigation films impregnable?
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the glass will become impenetrable with the installation of a vandal-resistant safety film. However, the resistance offered by the glass we have laminated is far superior to that of the original glass. We could say that we have turned simple glass into top-safety glass! The Llumar anti-vandalism film prevents the glass from breaking after the first impact. The aggressor will need much more force and a repetition of the impact and, in many cases, will only get a hole from which he will not be able to penetrate completely with his body. During this period, there is more room for reaction to warn the police or give time for the noise to alert any neighbour or person in the vicinity.


LLumar Bomb Blast Demo (200 microns)

LLumar Bomb Blast Window Film Testing