LLumar Exterior Sun Control Window Film

LLumar Exterior Sun Control Window Film
High performance solar film made for exterior installation

LLumar Exterior Sun Control Window Films are installed for places that can only accessible exteriorly, with harsh environmental that are inevitable. It does not only help to protect every prolonged exposure object, and also our skin. Nevertheless it helps save the effort of changing many things at one go. It is a great eliminator of these negative effects. LLumar Exterior Sun Control Films have superior heat rejection and glare reduction performance.

LLumar Exterior Window Films are made of strong scratch-resistant coating that enables it to withstand the demanding sun exposure. It delivers impressive Heat rejection, Glare control, 99% UV ray protection, and it is great at cost reduction assistance for building’s HVAC system.

Aesthetic is also an added feature for buildings like hotels, malls, restaurants and even schools too. Enhances appearance to windows, moreover there are different exterior window film shades to improve its facade.

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