Gradient Films

Gradient Films for Glass Partition Office, Home, Hotels, Shops, Hospital, Schools & Universities

Gradient Films

Add Beauty and Privacy to Interior Spaces

Gradient films makes your space flow seamlessly even as you create a touch more privacy. This product features frosted gradient window film for a subtle, softened look on your glass door, partition, shower, or window. Allowing for lots of light while encouraging less distraction.  Perfect for offices, residences, gyms, and more. The resulting balance and tranquility will help everyone enjoying the space to focus more on their work, meeting, or self-care without feeling overly exposed or too confined. 

Zebra Gradient Film


Accomplish a classic, semi-private window-shade effect without the bulk, dust, noise and fragility of real window shades. The zebra gradation film boasts horizontal bars that incrementally increase in thickness and opacity from top to bottom. This gradient window film allows for plenty of light and visibility even as it establishes a division between spaces. The ultimate balance of visual interest, discretion, and transparency, the zebra gradation film is an excellent option for partitions, doors, waiting rooms, and conference rooms in your office space, and could fit just as effortlessly in residential windows, bathrooms, and showers.

Seashore Gradient Film


Enjoy an added touch of anonymity in your home or office with the top-down Sea Shore gradation film. A stylish way to bring more privacy to your space, this gradient window film leaves room at the top so overhead and natural light continues to flow in freely. Sea Shore gradient film uses progressive ombre tones to create more and more opacity as it moves down your window, glass partition, or door, creating a seamless separation with a touch of blurred transparency, rather than an abrupt and solid wall, so you can be alone without feeling isolated.

Polar Gradient Film


Polar gradation film offers an atmospheric and elegant solution for bringing visual interest and a hint of enchantment, as well as privacy, to your windows, doors, and partitions. Featuring a top-down ombre effect in texture and density, this snowy gradation film instantly transforms windows into a tranquil and sophisticated opening or room divider with perfect opacity, showing just enough of what’s behind the window panes to stimulate intrigue without completely revealing what’s on the other side. The top also lets in more light, so the space remains bright and vibrant.

Horizon Gradient Film


Create the ideal amount of both discretion and openness using the Horizon gradation film. With a wide frosted band featuring a densely opaque center and a vertical fade in both directions—top and bottom—this gradient window film provides a unique relief of visual separation without loss of natural or overhead light throughout your space. The Horizon gradation film is an excellent solution for professional and residential environments alike, perfect for windows, partitions, doors, waiting room walls, glass showers, restroom dividers, or any transparent surface that could benefit from an added element of seclusion.


WCDO560 Gradient Film For Home, Office and Commercial


Feel accessible without being put on display with the Tiny Dot Gradation Film. This classic, semi-opaque and frosted film with a gentle gradient is ideal for private offices and waiting rooms as well as residential glass doors or showers. Sliding doors can be partitioned off and made privacy-appropriate while natural light still streams in throughout the day. The gradient film’s slight ombre effect allows for a bit of visibility at the top of each door or window pane so that you can easily see someone approach. Tiny Dot Gradation Film diffuses light glare and affords you awareness of your surroundings without sacrificing privacy or peace of mind.

WCD0570 Gradient Film For Home, Office and Commercial


A sleek and modern way to accent your space, the Blade Gradation Film adds aesthetic flair with an ombre-style special contrast that’s sure to be striking in any setting. This gradient film filters light, limits outside distractions, and provides just the right amount of privacy in a semi-public setting. Its top-down ombre effect and vertical blade pattern offers partial visibility at sitting and standing eye-level so that you’ll never be caught unawares—perfect for distinguishing small spaces such as waiting rooms or bathrooms without closing them off entirely or giving up precious square feet.

WCD0580 Gradient Film For Home, Office and Commercial


Maintain transparency with just the right amount of discretion. This gradation films features an opaque frosted for a concentrated element of privacy, offering the perfect balance between full-frosted glass and clear glass. This film is ideal for seated gathering spaces such as conference rooms, as well as personal spaces
that could use a touch more privacy, such as glass showers. See who’s coming or going, block out visual distractions, and feel more comfortable expressing yourself in any space with the WCD0580 film.

WCD0590 Gradient Film For Home, Office and Commercial


Achieve division without disruption—maximize your space with the light frost gradation dot film. This uniquely designed gradient film establishes a separation of indoor or outdoor spaces with a semi-clear, gentle blurring effect, so you don’t have to sacrifice light distribution or the open feel typically provided by clear glass. Excellent for creating diverse windows, doors, partitions, or anything that needs a distinct separation but wants to maintain a unified feel through non-obtrusive filters. The subtle gradation film reduces glare and diffuses light beautifully, preserving the openness of
the space.


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