LLumar Clear Safety Film Singapore

LLumar Clear Safety Film

Invisible Glass Protection Film for Home & Building Windows

Leading Supplier Glass Protection Clear Safety Film Singapore

Product Overview :

Clear safety film / security film can be applied over tinted glass to improve solar performance and glare. These thicker films meet stringent standards for bulgary resistance, blast mitigation, windborne debris and basic safety glazing.

LLumar safety and security films conform to or have been tested to the following internationally recognized standards;
1). Personal Safety Glazing
2). Windborne Debris Protection
3). Physical Testing
4). Blast hazard Mitigation
5). Burglary Resistance  


LLumar Clear Safety Film Products

LLumar Singapore’s Motor Show Event

10mm tempered glass laminated with LLumar Clear Safety Film (7mil)

Trying to smash the glass using hammer

 Man VS Safety Film