Multifilm Roller Shades

German roller blinds
was founded in 1993. Plant Located limbach-Oberfrohna. Multifilm manufactures Film roller blinds, Film vertical blinds, Panel -glide-systems and Film-Facade-Systems.

The MULTIFILM representatives are technical advisors for all matters relating to solar and glare protection elements.

Since 1997, the production, consulting and sales department of MULTIFILM have been certified in accordance with a quality management system (ISO 9001:2000).

MULTIFILM shades are made from multi-layered polyester film, enclosing a very fine layer of aluminum in the middle. In film roller blinds, this aluminum layer always faces the window, in other words, outwards. It works like a mirror and reflects the incoming rays straight back through the glass without allowing them to turn into heat. In this way the sun’s rays maintain the same wavelength as when they entered the room, and the great majority of them pass back through the glass to the outside.

MULTIFILM film roller blinds
can yield energy savings of up to 30%. They effectively reduce the ingress of solar radiation, and in doing so, lower the running costs of an air-conditioning unit.

MULTIFILM offers you:

  • Made-to-measure sun and glare protection solutions
  • System solutions for individual user requirements
  • Advice, installation and service from qualified personnel

Further BENEFITS of using MULTIFILM shades:

  • Provides excellent protection from irritating glare, reflection and dazzle on work-place VDUs
  • Reduces eye strain when working at a VDU
  • Has high transparency with good visibility to the outside
  • Pleasant ambient temperature and natural interior illumination using daylight