Multifilm FAQs

What is a multifilm product?

A product that offers you a wide range of roller blinds manufactured from a multi-functional polyester film originally developed for use in spaces.

What are the advantages of this multifilm products?

a.) PROTECTION AGAINST GLARE. without making room too dark
b.) PROTECTION FROM HEAT. by refracting the sun’s energy like a mirror
c.) GOOD VISIBILITY. with uniform transparency

What do you mean by glare protection, how effective is this product for us?

Its an individual’s protection against light reduction. Given the illustration below, you will see the difference between two images that illustrates how effective the product is.


individual protection against interfering glare and reflection on VDU screen working places


Excellent View outside

What are the disadvantages of NOT using a Multifilm?

The image below illustrates the disadvantages of not using a multifilm whereas when you have it installed you’ll enjoy its benefits


ILLUSTRATION: – cause of NOT having sun protection

Cost saving on energy for air conditioning?

Yes. The reduction of sun radiation is up to 88% and you can save cost using aircon for more than 29%
compared to conventional sunshades

Sun energy which is reflected by a MULTIFILM roller blind would not have to be cooled by the air condition.

The amount of energy which will be kept out from the room can be calculated – with information of existing glass and the type of MULTIFILM film used. This can be translated to money saved by the company.

This cost saving will increased as energy costs keep on rising in the long run.

Can i install this product by myself?

Only a PROFESSIONAL installer can install this product on your window to ensure full satisfaction and the best quality you want from your film. It is only possible for you to do the installation if you have experience and knowledge on how to install it properly. For better results, get a professional to do it for you.