Multifilm Shade Films

The Task

Daylight is the natural illumination for our rooms. The intensity of light near the windows is however often too high for work at VDU workstations. Effective light protection facilities that keep off the daylight can eliminate glare and reflections on the displays, but they attenuate incoming daylight particularly deep in the room to such extent that it must be compensated by artificial lighting.

The Solution

Natural illumination however has a positive effect on the human psyche and thus efficiency of man. Therefore, solutions must be found which combine two apparently contrary effects, i.e. to provide optimum glare prevention at VDU workstations near the window and to maintain natural illumination even in the far ends of the rooms.

The Benefits

– optimum protection against dazzle and glare through reduction of the light intensity at the window
– protection against solar heat
– improved k-value
– unrestricted view through the film roller blind into the open
– natural illumination with daylight
– weatherproof indoor installation

The Principle

The slats of the blind pass the incoming daylight via the ceiling deep into the room.