The Facts – About Window Film (Infrared Rejection)


Do you believe that solar film can reject 100% of total solar energy? YES, ONLY if its MIRROR. Windows are there for viewing purposes and also to let in daylight. With added solar film, it helps to block out unwanted solar heat but still allows a reasonable percentage of light and heat entering the room.

HOW TRUTHFUL CAN IT BE, when OTHER BRANDS CLAIM a 97% Infrared rejection, by showing you their readings using only a small hand-held gadget meter?

This handheld gadget only measures a narrow wavelength at 950nm or 1000nm, and this bandwidth only represents 3% of the total solar energy. It will not tell how much IR is being absorbed or reflected, and this is actually the critical factor used in computing the overall solar heat gain.

LLUMAR film’s performance is measured with a bench spectrometer and computed with LBL Window 5 program, displaying its true performance and not creative marketing, unlike others who uses infrared transmission (IRT), which is NOT RECOGNIZED by the industry to demonstrate solar heat rejection, and also do not clearly spell out at which wavelength it blocks out, falsifying high numbers to mislead the end consumers.



LLumar films uses TOTAL SOLAR ENERGY REJECTION (TSER) and SOLAR HEAT GAIN (SHG) to represent the total sun solar energy
rejection which is a more scientifically proven method that measures the actual total solar energy rejection to 2500nm. (LBL – Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory)