Reflective Film Series

Reflective Film

High-performance solar window film that blocks heat, glare, and UV rays

Reflective Solar Film Series


Choose reflective solar film series, It is designed to create a solution for reducing heat and minimizing glare coming in from your window. It has a metallic coating component that bounces back the sun’s heat; added protection from harmful UV rays and provides maximum privacy at day time.

Given the hot climate, we face in Singapore, having a solar control window film will solve all your temperature problems without forcing you to sacrifice luminosity or your valuable views! LLumar sun control window film helps block the sun’s heat, glare, and harmful UV rays while filtering the level of light coming in. LLumar, is the best heat control window film for architectural, commercial, and automotive.

These films are the most effective and best high-heat rejection window films for blocking the sun’s heat. Available in a wide range of shades and heat reduction intensity level. Recommended application for residential, architectural, and commercial buildings.

Film Type and Data Specifications


Data using the National Fenestration Rating Council’s (NFRC)

Reflective Series

Colour: One-Way Mirror

Solar Properties:
% Visible Light Transmittance: 6
% Total Solar Energy Rejected: 84
% Ultraviolet Ray Protection: 99

Performance Data: PDF

Colour: Silver

Solar Properties:
% Visible Light Transmittance: 49
% Total Solar Energy Rejected: 53
% Ultraviolet Ray Protection: 99

Performance Data: PDF

Model: R35 SR CDF
Color: Silver

% Visible Light Transmittance: 28
% Total Solar Energy Rejected: 70
% Ultraviolet Ray Protection: 99

Performance Data: PDF

Window Tint Shades Offered

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Most Effective and Highest Heat Reduction for Solar Control

LLumar film is the most outstanding world-class window tint supplier that, with more than 60 years of experience serving customers around the world, knows your needs better than anyone else. Maximum reliability and guaranteed superior quality, always from the hand of our trained installers. 

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