High Heat Rejection Blocking Window Tint

Reflective Solar Film Series


Choose reflective solar film series, the best window tint to reduce heat in house or office commercial building for heat reduction. It is designed to create a solution for reducing heat and minimizing glare coming in from your window. It has a metallic coating component that bounces back the sun’s heat; added protection from harmful UV rays and provides maximum privacy at daytime.

Given the hot climate we face in Singapore, installing solar control window film can effectively address your temperature concerns without compromising natural light or scenic views. LLumar sun control window film blocks heat, glare, and harmful UV rays while regulating incoming light levels. As the best heat reducing window film, LLumar stands out as the premier choice for heat control window film in architectural, commercial, and automotive applications.

These films are highly efficient and offer the best heat rejection, particularly during intense afternoon sun. With a variety of shades and heat reduction solution levels available, choosing the best heat reduction window tint or heat protection window Film will provide you with more comfort.

Film Type and Data Specifications

Data using the National Fenestration Rating Council’s (NFRC)


Performance Data

Window Tint Shades Offered

Reflective Series

Solar Properties:
% Visible Light Transmittance: 6
% Total Solar Energy Rejected: 84
% Ultraviolet Ray Protection: 99

Download Performance Data: PDF

Solar Properties:
% Visible Light Transmittance: 28
% Total Solar Energy Rejected: 70
% Ultraviolet Ray Protection: 99

Download Performance Data: PDF

Solar Properties:
% Visible Light Transmittance: 49
% Total Solar Energy Rejected: 53
% Ultraviolet Ray Protection: 99

Download Performance Data: PDF

Best Window Film For Blocking Out Extreme Sun Heat - Reflective Film

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Effectively block solar heat from entering windows with heat control window film to protect and cool down your home or office interiors.

Benefits & Features


Home / Residential

UV & Sun Blocking Solar Film For Home Windows


UV & Sun Blocking Solar Film For Office Windows

Ultra Heat Rejection

Designed to offer the highest, maximum possible level of heat rejection

Increase Daytime Privacy

Keep your place private throughout the day without compromising natural light

Reflective Surface

Deflects sunlight & heat away from the window, maintaining cooler interiors

UV Protection

Blocking up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays, our solution reduces the fading of valuables.

Lessen Glare

Significant reduction of excessive brightness that can cause visual discomfort and eye strain

Increased Comfort

offers a more comfortable living or working environment all year round

Lower Energy Costs

Reducing your utility expenses, it offers an efficient solution for your home or business

Scratch Resistant

The coating is designed to resist scratches, ensuring durability, for easy cleaning

High-Heat Rejection Film Solution for Cool Comfort


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