UV Protection Window Film for Car

LLumar UV Protection Window Film for Car

Car UV Window Film - UV Protection Film
The car is not the beach but protecting yourself from the sun while driving should be as common as buckling up. Although almost nobody realizes the risk, you receive abundant and dangerous solar radiation inside the car, especially in summer. And in most vehicles, only the windshield has adequate UV protection.

The risk appears from the sides. The windows are a null or insufficient shield with rare exceptions, with a protection factor below 16: unusable to prevent sunlight damage to the body. According to experts, the consequences of exposure to these rays are cumulative and associated with 90% of skin cancers.

Some studies have shown asymmetrical skin damage in habitual drivers: the left arm and that side of the face suffer more injuries than the other part of the trunk and face. And in countries where you drive on the left, the opposite is true. As a more successful solution, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends laminating the glass of cars and other vehicles.

LLumar’s UV-protective films are 99% effective and represent your best chance to protect yourself and your loved ones and benefit from the many other advantages of vinyl window film with the best protection on the market.

  • Sun Protection: Protection from the harmful effects of the sun for all passengers in the car. You will get an anti-reflection effect for screens and DVDs, which results in greater comfort when transporting you by car.
  • Aesthetics: Enhances the design of your vehicle. An elegant and subtle style to make your car even more aesthetic.
  • Discretion: The opaque tint of LLumar protective film protects you from prying eyes. Ideal for protecting your personal belongings.
  • Safety: Increased security for your windows and, in the event of a breakage, prevents shards from flying off.
  • Privacy: LLumar solar car film provides privacy, allowing you to see without being seen.
  • Effectiveness: It filters out 99% of UV rays, protects the interior from the harmful effects of the sun (degradation and loss of color of
    the upholstery and other sensitive parts), and protects people who suffer from skin conditions sun exposure.
  • Heat blocking: Keeps the interior of your car cool and comfortable.
  • Signal reception. LLumar’s UV protective film does not interfere with cell phones, radio reception, or GPS systems.