Deluxe Solar Films Series

Deluxe Film

Unparalleled level of solar control without a shiny, mirror-like surface  

Excellent Heat Rejection - Best Solar Film for Architectural & Commercial Buildings

Deluxe Solar Film Series


Deluxe films are specified for commercial buildings where high levels of heat rejection and glare reduction are needed. Deluxe films are ideal for exterior aesthetics, providing a uniform, non-mirrored appearance. They are scratch-resistant and shield 99% of UV rays.

Film Type and Data Specifications


Data using the National Fenestration Rating Council’s (NFRC)

Deluxe Series

Color: Green

% Visible Light Transmittance: 33
% Total Solar Energy Rejected: 52
% Ultraviolet Ray Protection: 99

Performance Data: PDF

Color: Grey

% Visible Light Transmittance: 16
% Total Solar Energy Rejected: 56
% Ultraviolet Ray Protection: 99

Performance Data: PDF 

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Recommended for Commercial Buildings

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Deluxe Window Tint Film

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