Anti-Smash and Grab Film

Safety and Security for Cars

Protection from Smash and Grab Theft
You can’t tell it’s there, until you need it.

LLumar safety and security film is a powerful deterrent to smash-and-grab thieves. It forms a strong shield that helps hold broken glass in place, delaying and deterring perpetrators who attempt quickly through shattered windows.

Provides a strong, protective barrier between you and the glass in the event of an accident. With LLumar safety & security film, the window may still break, and the glass fragments adhere to the film.

The reasons why you should consider using safety and security film on your car

LLumar Anti-Smash and Grab Film - Glass Safety Film For Car


In less than five seconds, a thief can shatter your car window and rob you of your valuables. This can be particularly dangerous if you are in the vehicle during the attack. LLumar safety and security film is the best defense against a smash-and-grab attack. 

– By holding broken glass in place, LLumar slows access to the vehicle interior.

– The increased time to break in and additional noise call attention to the thief


LLumar Anti-Smash and Grab Film - Glass Safety Film For Car

Traffic accidents happen every day, even to the most responsible drivers. In split second, lives can be changed. In a side-impact collision:

– Unprotected side windows can easily shatter, projecting glass shards into the car.

– Glass shards can cause significant lacerations and eye injuries.

Solar Window Film for Car - Sunblock for your Car and the People Inside

When left in the sun, the inside of your car can rise to unbearable temperatures. The majority of heat build-up is generated through unprotected glass. Running your engine to bring the temperature down to a comfortable level with LLumar solar control safety film:

– Reduces heat to create a cooler, more comfortable environment for you and your passengers.

– Filter out distracting glare providing a safer view of the road.

LLumar Safety and Security Film Smash and Grab Demo




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