Non Reflective Films Series

Non Reflective Films Series

Non Reflective Tinted Films
Things To Know About The Non Reflective Film

Non-reflective window films offer an inexpensive solution for aesthetic reasons. It helps reduce glare and heat, block harmful UV rays while giving a uniform, nonmetallic finish to your window glass. . They are mainly used to control light level without the reflective and mirror finish, thus giving a minimal change to the external appearance of a building.

The need for non-reflective films can be seen in most shopfronts where one can see through inside from the outside. When a client or business wants to cut glare and ultraviolet but still requires natural light to penetrate, non-reflective film is utilized. Most non reflective films stop up to 95% of ultraviolet light, which is the main cause of furnishings and fabric damage by the harsh sunlight. In a tropical country like Singapore, most households and business owners prefer this type of film as it creates a pleasing, uniform look for buildings.

This series offers a flat yet sophisticated and non-reflective shading without giving window glass a metallic quality. For a film that delivers significant solar and aesthetic benefits without reflection, choose non reflective films.

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