LLumar Solar Window Film for Car Singapore

LLumar Solar Window Film for Car Singapore

Car Window Film Singapore - Safety Solar Film for Car Protection

Solar Window Films – An Essential for Car

Car window tinting is one of the great ways to enhance the look and comfort level of a vehicle. Untreated car windows allow the entrance of direct sunlight into car which puts immense stress on eye and can also cause various skin diseases. Moreover, constant exposure to intense sun glare can ruin luxurious interiors of the vehicle.

Therefore, our company, Window-Cool brings LLumar technology based automotive window films which are especially designed to shield the car from the harmful effects of sun glare. We offer a wide range of optically clear and tinted options which are recognized for their high quality and scratch resistant coating. By installing, our exclusive range of solar window films on cars, you can burn up the road while keeping your car’s interior cool and comfortable.

Why to Install Solar Films in Automobiles?

Our range of solar films for car is exclusively designed with advanced technology that reject up to 99% of UV rays of sun that may cause various skin ailments to the driver and passengers. Along with this, it prevents your car interiors such as seats, carpets, mats, leather, etc. from fading and cracking caused by the heating effects of direct sun rays.

Solar films also play a crucial role in guarding the passengers in accidents by effectively holding the shattered glass together in place and protecting the occupant from the injuries occur due to shards that go flying in the air. If you are looking for an experienced company to install solar films in your car then we are here to serve you with the best of our services.

We Window-Cool have set a benchmark in window film industry with our high quality products and complete customer-focused services.

 LLumar Car Solar Window Tint Films Series

Premium Dyed Film Window Tint Film


LLumar premium deep dyed window film provides an uncompromising combination of color-stable tint privacy shades and also acts as a shield against the heat of the sun

Metallized Film - Window Tint Film


LLumar metallized window film has the benefits of our color stable dyed features, plus the added micro-thin layer of advanced metalization technology to deliver superior heat rejection performance.

Ceramic Film - Window Tint Film


LLumar ceramic window film is engineered to be EMU-friendly with a thin nanoscopic layer for outstanding heat rejection while supporting signal clarity for electronic devices

AIR Clear Window Tint Film


Advanced nano-ceramic AHL Series utilizes proprietary Hybrid-Matrix Technology that delivers our maximum heat and UV protection with benefits of glare reduction without electro-magnetic interface.


LLumar Car Solar & Safety Window Films

Safety Protection Film - Window Tint Film


Strengthen your glass to hinder forced entry and stop smash-and-grab thieves on the road or in parking areas. Safety and Security Window Film also keeps glass pieces intact to protect you from injuries from shattered glass. Available in clear and tinted shades.



We Specialize in Car Tint Film for Windows

Avail Outstanding Solar Film Installation Services at Affordable Price

Our company Window-Cool is well known for serving elite range of window tinted films that fits your style and significantly augments the appearance of your vehicle. Poorly done window installation looks very bad as it creates bubbles & cracks which is an ultimate waste of money. Our professionally installed solar films for car stay for longer period of time and prevent bubbling or cracking to ensure optical clarity. Installation by certified applicator and factory-backed warranty.

Sunblock for your Car and the People Inside

LLumar Safety & Security Film – Smash and Grab Lab Test

Don’t be a Victim of Smash and Grab Attack