Window Film Care and Maintenance

LLumar Window Film Care and Maintenance

How to Clean Windows with Window Film

  1. After installation, you may notice that your freshly installed window film has a milky or clouded look in spots. This is quite common and a normal part of the dying process. The cloudiness will slowly diminish with time and within two to eight weeks should vanish entirely, depending on the film product, temperature and humidity. Small water spots will diminish and eventually disappear.
  2. Do not wash the film for 30 days after the installation. Visual changes during this time period are a natural part of the bonding process. The patented scratch-resistant coating on the window film is extremely durable. With proper care, your windows will look beautiful for many years to come. For best results, clean your windows with a soft, clean, rubber squeegee or cotton cloth and common household strength glass cleaners or your dealer suggested film cleaner.


WARNING: Never use the following products when cleaning your filmed windows:
1. Scrubbing agents (powders or liquids) with abrasives
2. Steel wool or similar metal or plastic scrub pads
3. Razor blades or scrapers
4. Paper towels (unless your film is scratch-resistant”)