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safety window film

LLumar Safety & Security Window Film

Safety and Security Window Film Constant protection against the unexpected       BOMB BLAST PROTECTION Both natural and man-made disasters cannot be predicted but you can prepare for them. Tested tough, LLumar Safety and Security Window Film meets the…

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solar film singapore

LLumar Architectural Window Film

Architectural Window Film Advanced Window Treatment for Commercial & Residential Infrastructures LLumar Architectural Window Films are designed for commercial and residential applications
 where damaging ultraviolet light, heat, and glare are problems, energy efficiency is important or a new look is…

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decorative frosted patterned window film

LLumar Decorative Window Film

One look at LLumar® Decorative Film and you will know that you have never seen a window film quite like it. LLumar® glass enhancement film puts a new world of creativity, functionality and flexibility within your grasp and within your…

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car window film

LLumar Automotive Window Film

Automotive Window Film High Performance Films for Superior Heat & Glare Reduction.   LLumar Automotive Window Films offer an array of not just tinted but also optically clear films with excellent heat rejection properties. Burn up the road, while keeping…

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window-cool (multifilm singapore - film roller blinds)

Multifilm Film Roller Blinds

Glare Protection on computer screens and Pleasant Room Temperatures with Multifilm – Film Roller Blinds Multifilm – Film Roller Blinds is good protection against dazzle and glare on computer-screens. Metallized film surface is able to keep off up to 88%…

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window-cool (multifilm singapore - vertical and panel system)

Multifilm Vertical and Panel

Vertical Louvre Blinds and Panel Glide Systems Consist of Multiwave – pleated, flatsurface embossed reflector film material and are installed overlapping to avoid light gaps on either side   flexible shading of large glazed areas as well as glazing with…

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window-cool (multifilm singapore - film facade system)

Multifilm Film Facade Systems

Film-Facade-Systems for  Large Glazed Areas Film-Facade-Systems make it possible to shade a large-scale glazed surface without dividing it into smaller sub-sections. To achieve this, we take individual sheets of film and use ultrasound welding technology to connect elements up to…

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windowcool multifilm film shades singapore

Multifilm Shade Films

The Task Daylight is the natural illumination for our rooms. The intensity of light near the windows is however often too high for work at VDU workstations. Effective light protection facilities that keep off the daylight can eliminate glare and…

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WHY CHOOSE WINDOW-COOL™ 2016 marks the 17th year in the industry for Window-Cool™. Get the help you need from our expert customer service representatives and choose from a comprehensive selection of premium window films and shades that you wont get from others – at prices that will save you money.


As of today, we have sold over one million window treatments to customers across the country. Window-Cool™ can be seen everywhere near you. Now it’s your turn to get a great deal for the film best suited for your windows!

windowcool llumar solar film singapore

LLumar window film is manufactured by Eastman Chemical Company, a global specialty chemicals company founded by George Eastman of Eastman Kodak in 1920. Eastman produces a broad range of advanced materials and specialty chemicals that are found in thousands of…

windowcool multifilm roller shades singapore

German roller blinds was founded in 1993. Plant Located limbach-Oberfrohna. Multifilm manufactures Film roller blinds, Film vertical blinds, Panel -glide-systems and Film-Facade-Systems. The MULTIFILM representatives are technical advisors for all matters relating to solar and glare protection elements. Since 1997,…

windowcool window blinds and shades

Window Blinds For Indoors and Outdoors What are Window Blinds?  Window blinds, either vertical or horizontal in type, are shades used for window covering. If you are aiming to block the sunlight coming into your window and the harm and…


Mr. Chua Chong Meng

Been using LLumar Window films for a quite some time. The quality of solar film is very high. Service and support from Window Cool have always been very Professional. They help to reduce the amount heat of my living room..

Mr. Chua Chong Meng
Mr. Thomas Cheng - OldVolks Place (OVP)

Hi Guys, Thank you for having the film done. I really appreciate the kind gesture and excellent service. As we have discussed, I have seen the film being installed on the rear window of the classic VW bug, all in..

Mr. Thomas Cheng - OldVolks Place (OVP)