Why choose Window-Cool™?

Get the help you need from our expert customer service representatives and a comprehensive selection of premium window films & shades that you won't get from the others at prices that will save you money.

2014 marks the 12th anniversary for Window-Cool™.

Currently, we have sold over one million window treatments to customers across the country. Our commitment commands the highest quality service, professionalism, and workmanship in our industry. Window-Cool™ can be seen everywhere near you.

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llumar window film
LLumar is the world's best-selling brand of glass treatment films, with a complete line of automotive window tint; commercial & residential architectural window films, safety/security, anti-graffiti & decorative films.
multifilm roller blinds
Multifilm is a German manufacturer combines the excellent heat and glare protection properties of polyester film with fresh colours and appealing designs.

The films are available in film roller blinds, Film-Facade-Systems and in film vertical blinds.
llumar window film

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LLumar Protective Window Films. When it comes to protection the choice is clear. LLumar puts a fine line between you and disaster...
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