Anti-Shatter Protection Film For Glass Shower Screen

Anti-Shatter Protection Film For Glass Shower Screen

Anti-Shatter Protection Film For Glass Shower Screen


It’s alarming to know that you can be vulnerable even in your own bathroom.
Fluted glass, a popular choice for budget shower screens, is especially prone to breakage from very little cause. We have all experienced minor slips in the bathroom and so it is important that we take this danger into proper consideration.
Even tempered or toughened glass used in quality shower screens is susceptible to spontaneous breakage the glass shattering without any apparent reason. This is caused by impurities in the glass that expand and contract when subjected to the elements. When the glass gets too much stress, it breaks even without anybody touching it.


Injuries and fatalities can be prevented by the use of Anti-Shatter Safety Films on your bathrooms. The film is clear and practically invisible when applied to the glass but can provide the much needed protection in the case of spontaneous breakage or accidents. Safety Films are made of heavy-duty polyester bonded by special adhesives that holds broken glass together, reducing the risk of cuts and wounds.

With Anti-Shatter LLumar Safety Films, you can rest assured that you’re getting the industry’s most durable polyester film. LLumar Safety Films protect you while allowing excellent optical clarity without shadowing or yellowing your glass.


LLumar Window Film Protection Test
(Hotel Bathroom Window Film Impact Testing)

Credit to: Pou Fung Hong Carpets and Wallpapers Macau
Published on 9 Apr 2016

Demo 1 : LLumar 4mil or 100 microns (window film applied on one side only)
Demo 2 : LLumar 2mil or 50 microns (window film applied on both sides)
Demo 3 : Leading Competition: Window Film (6mil)