Frosted Window Film For Glass Privacy


Looking for 24/7 glass privacy for your home or office windows without making the room dark? Frosted Films would be a popular yet inexpensive solution. Frosted Films allow in light but blur vision through both sides of the glass, blocking the views of neighbours, outsiders, or passers-by, even with your interior lights on.

Applied directly on the glass windows, they eliminate the need for blinds and curtains.

Frosted Film Sticker Top Benefits:

  • 24/7 privacy from outside view
  • Low maintenance & cleaning
  • Eliminate distractions from movements of passers-by
  • Good in hiding away clutter and mess from view
  • Bright interiors from entry of natural sunlight
  • Anti-shatter properties to prevent injuries from broken glass (Type B Film)

Types Available

A. Standard Privacy Type

Frosted Window Film for Glass Privacy

“Budget-friendly & standard privacy film for areas with none to little sunlight exposure”

Model: PF215 Sandblaster
Material: PVC

Popular Areas for Application: Corridors, Walkways, Meeting Rooms, Toilets, Bathrooms, Service Yards, Lower Tier Glass Panels, Glass Cabinets, etc.

B. Solar, Safety, and Privacy Type
Frosted Window Film for Glass Privacy - LLumar NRM55PS4 Anti-Shatter Privacy Frost

“3-in-1 premium film type that won’t shrink even against strong sun exposure and with added anti-shatter properties”


Model: LLumar NRM55PS4
Material: Polyester
Thickness: 100microns (4mil)

Visible Light Transmittance: 67%
Total Solar Energy Rejected: 36%
Ultraviolet Ray Protection: 99%

Popular Areas for Application: Glass Panels with Direct Sun Exposure, Shower Screens, Poolside Glass, Balcony Glass Railings, Toilets, Bathrooms, Service Yards, Lower Tier Glass Panels, etc.

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