Give a Modern Touch to Your Home with Privacy Window Film

Give a Modern Touch to Your Home with Privacy Window Film

Give a Modern Touch to Your Home with Privacy Window Film

Gone are the days, when curtains & blinds are used to block harmful ultra-violet (UVA & UVB) rays, intense sun’s glare and to achieve privacy. One way mirror privacy window film is the latest upgrade and best alternative for blinds and curtains. In the past few years, window films have grabbed huge attention across the world not only for its functionality but also for their appealing colors, designs, sizes, styles and patterns.

Why You Should Drop Your Nets & Curtains?

Don’t you think so it’s high time to say goodbye to curtains, drapes & blinds and say hello to window films? Think about the hassle that are commonly associated with curtains and drapes like you have to wash them at regular interval of time. Not only this, once they get washed you have to wait for a sunny weather to hang them out. Over a couple of years, they started looking tacky and ugly. Also, the fabric of the curtains & drapes start hanging off and the holes tend to grow bigger and bigger. However, there is a new alternative available for your day time privacy.

One Way Mirror Privacy Window Film: Modern & Stylish Way to Achieve Day Time Privacy

Window films come in snug fit design that hugs your windowpanes perfectly. When installed perfectly, it allows you to see the outside beautiful view whilst obscuring the vision from outside to inside. Not only this, it blocks the entrance of unwanted sun rays and annoying glare which fall on your computer, television & mobile screens and prevent you to accomplish your task. By reducing annoying glare and unwanted heat, it keeps the ambience cool, comfortable and relaxing.

No Maintenance Required

The best part of one way mirror privacy window film is that it doesn’t require heavy maintenance. The only thing that you can do to keep your window films clean is wash the window films as often as you would wash your windowpanes with warm soapy water and a soft cotton cloth. This will bring back the nature shine & modern look of your home without those old curtains and draperies.

Block 99% of Ultra-Violet (UV) Rays

Apart from privacy, one way mirror privacy window film excels in blocking Hazardous Ultra-Violet (UVA & UVB) rays which causes premature aging of the skin, cataract, sunburn, loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles, rashes and even skin cancer. Thus, provide complete protection from perilous UV rays.

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