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Never before has the scarcity of the world’s resources been so evident to us, while at the same time, endless human needs continue to perplex us. For both property managers and housewives, we strive to ensure that our businesses and homes are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. One such way is through the utilization of window films.

In recent times, individuals have increasingly preferred products that minimize energy charges. That is why when buying home appliances, we pay attention to the energy labels with ticks on them.

Using the best window film for homes in Singapore, LLumar films, saves money as well as reduces environmental impacts.

Window films also provide heat insulation benefits. Energy equipment uses less energy because heat is trapped outside while cold air remains inside.

Types of Window Film for Home Windows


We offer a comprehensive selection of the world’s most premium window films suit your needs

Solar Window Film

Solar Window Film For Home Windows

This window film is the most efficient way to keep off heat that causes discomfort and glare as well as saving energy and offering protection against UV light. Among the heat and glare blocking solutions, LLumar Sun Control Film is the leading solution in window film products which can be used to eliminate direct sunlight’s heat and glare from your household windows. Do not strain while looking outdoors from within; just let eye comfort be there with you all through, to ensure that your view outside is illuminated. These solar window films are available in a wide range of options including clear window films, tinted or darkened, and even mirrored ones.

Safety / Security Window Film

When it comes to safety, every single second is valuable. Nonetheless, ordinary glass can be shattered in two seconds, compared to the Safety and Security Window Film which withstood impact for up to around two minutes on typical glass. This makes it much more difficult to break. It is important to choose an appropriate safety glass option for your residential windows that provides a strong defense against breakage, thus ensuring your home and family are safe. The anti-shatter security window film holds the glass together thereby reducing chances of injury from flying splinters and at the same time enhancing overall security.

Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window Film

Change your view without changing your location. LLumar decorative window film offers endless possibilities for bringing new life to existing properties. Choose from an array of vibrant colors, patterns, and textures to enhance any space. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of privacy, create an elegant design feature, or simply refresh the look of your windows, these films provide a versatile and stylish solution. The high-quality materials ensure durability and easy maintenance, making it a perfect choice for both residential and commercial properties. Transform your windows into stunning focal points with LLumar decorative window films and enjoy a beautiful, customized look that reflects your unique style.

Exterior Window Film

LLumar Exterior Films are designed for locations that are only accessible from the outside and must endure harsh environmental conditions. These films are ideal for glass roofing and other exterior applications where durability and performance are crucial. Engineered with a special coating, LLumar Exterior Films provide superior protection against the elements, including UV rays, extreme temperatures, and weathering. This robust coating ensures the longevity and effectiveness of the film, maintaining its appearance and performance over time. By enhancing the durability of your glass surfaces, LLumar Exterior Films not only improve energy efficiency and comfort but also add an extra layer of protection and style to your property.

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Benefits & Features


UV & Sun Blocking Solar Film For Home Windows
Heat Blocking Window Solution For Homes

Increased Comfort

offers a more comfortable living or working environment all year round

99% UV Protection

Shield 99% of UV Radiation, Reducing fading of valuables, fabrics, and furnishing

Energy Efficiency

Reduction of hot spots helps increase HVAC efficiency and lower energy costs

Scratch Resistant

The coating is designed to resist scratches, ensuring durability, for easy cleaning

Heat Mitigation

Designed to offer the highest, maximum possible level of heat rejection

Increased Privacy

Keep your place private throughout the day without compromising natural light

Enhanced Security

Hold glass fragments together if the window is broken

Glare Reduction

To reduce glare and make the interior space more comfortable

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